Some big changes … Organize Myself to Health

Organizing Myself to Health

Instead of finishing off the next two blog posts I have in the queue (Garage Organization Update and How To Tame the Paper Trail, which are both going to be awesome), I’ve decided to write about what is on my mind today.

Almost every night for the past 2 months, I’ve gone to bed telling myself I was starting a diet the next day. I’m not exaggerating: six nights out of seven I plan to start a diet the next day, because frankly I think Sundays are bad days for starting diets. Then, during the day, something stressful will trigger me to eat something I shouldn’t (I have a raging sweet tooth), and then when I feel like I’ve already failed, I go ahead and finish off the rest of the ice cream or plate of cookies.

It occurred to me that my readers and organizing clients might feel the same way about cleaning and organizing their homes. I’ve seen the cycle a lot, I’ve just never drawn the comparison. You start your cleaning schedule for the week, but then you have a bad day, and you just give up on it. Meanwhile, the mess and disorganization get worse while you wait for that perfect time to try again. You pick a time and start again, but when something stops you from living your schedule perfectly, the vicious cycle continues.

We aren’t so different you and me – Getting Healthy and Getting Organized have a lot in common. And that is why I’m going to start a new series called Organizing Myself to Health, where I will share my struggle to regain my health and everything I learn along the way. I hope my insights can help others in this kind of awful cycle with their health or with organizing.

Week 1: Assess the Damage

  • This week I will weigh myself (gulp) and take pictures of my front, side, and back view. I also plan to measure my waist, hips, thighs, calves, neck and upper arms. I wish I could measure my cheeks, because they really blow up when I put on some weight! I guess I’ll just have to see their change in pictures.
  • I will also work on deciding what my first goal is going to be and start cutting out some of the obvious bad things from my diet, like late night ice cream and cookies for lunch.
  • If you are following along, but working on getting organized. Assess your home and schedule. How chaotic is your environment and your life?

Will you join me, whether you struggle with weight, disorganization, or something else? Subscribe to get the emails so you get all my updates. I’d love your support on this. I am hoping that making my struggle public will give me the extra push I need to make a real and permanent change.

Thinking about the M&M’s in my pantry,

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20 thoughts on “Some big changes … Organize Myself to Health

    1. Yay! Sara! We can do it! Matt ran to the store to get a prescription late tonight. I was so tempted to ask him to pick up a treat … but I didn’t. Baby steps!

  1. I have an idea bout your cheeks…could you take a picture of just your face with a ruler under your chin?

    I’m in! Health and home! huh, blog too {blush}

  2. This is so true and a great comparison. I always tell people that getting organized is like getting in shape and it’s a perfect analogy. I think you’re going to do well with this because all of your readers are 100% supportive which makes a huge difference!

  3. My husband & I are the same way. I finally had enough, so on May 25 (my 37th birthday) I decided to make the change and stick to it. I want to see how healthy I can get in a year. We’ve given ourselves permission to eat out 1 time per month, and we’re attempting to workout at least 5 days each week. May 25th I weighed 200 pounds.

    At the same time, we’re working towards a more organized & clutter free home. My goal this week is to clean the kitchen every night before bed & finish our home command center.

  4. Oh I do the whole “I’ll be good tomorrow, I promise!” And then end up just eating all day long. It is so hard, such a struggle and one I’m am trying to get under control too. I’m in with ya! You can do it. You are one of the most determined women I’ve ever met! Tackle this like you do everything!

    1. I read a great book recently about how organization and healthy living coincide. It’s called “Does This Clutter Make Me Look Fat?” Great book…check it out!

  5. Just catching up… So, I’ve always felt there was a connection with my inability/unwillingness to get it together health-wise with my inability/unwillingness to get it together at home organization/cooking/taking care of my kids the way I want to, etc. I don’t have an valuable insights, but please remember to be nice to yourself on this health journey – some things in life are hard, and it’s okay to want to get better at things (for sure) but don’t get down on yourself if your progress is up and down. Go get ’em Mary!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I think that is all so very correlated as well. Improvement in any area of our lives always seems to affect everything else!

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