Organizing Myself to Health – Week #2

Organizing Myself to Health

Welcome back to my weekly installment of “Organizing Myself to Health”.

This week was all about water. Water, water, water. I was really happy with my progress for the most part. My worst day was Friday when I took my kids on a day trip to a local artsy attraction about an hour from my house. It is called Terra Studios and it is this fun little art experience in the middle of the woods. It was H-O-T here in Arkansas and I was wearing my baby (totally new thing for me), so he and I were sort of melted and plastered together.

Melted together on our Terra Studios Adventure

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All that and I forgot to bring water for me, baby, and my three girls! Oops! Luckily my friend brought enough to share, but it wasn’t enough to guzzle like I needed. I learned that I need to plan for when I’m going to be away from home.

It was pretty easy to get my water when I was at home. The first day I tried tick marks on the calendar, but I never remembered to keep track of making the marks whenever I refilled my cup. So, on day two I tried another way. I filled up 4 glasses of water, and then when I drank them all up, I refilled them all. My goal is to get the four finished off sometime around 2-ish in the afternoon, and then the rest finish off pretty easy with the rest of the afternoon and dinner time.

How I Drink My Daily Water Quota

One of the reasons my Four-Glasses-System works is because I pass through my kitchen so many times a day and the glasses are right there staring at me! (I love my blue cups! They all look different because they are hand-blown with etching in the side. Aren’t they so pretty?) This same thing is true when we are organizing, ensuring the proximity of things is so important! Are the towels not making it into the hamper? *Where* is the hamper? It should be near where the towels will be used. When we organize our homes, we put things near where we use them and make it easier on ourselves! Here is a little “proximity” tip for you:

******Organizing Tip******

Put your hand soap refill bottle in your bathroom cleaning bucket. Make refilling soap bottles a part of your bathroom cleaning routine. Easy, Easy!


The results of the week: The scale hasn’t budged with my new water intake, but I wasn’t expecting dramatic results with only one change. I’m okay with slow results. I know I’m laying the foundation right now for a healthy future and that is enough for me right now.


Week 3’s challenge –

7 hours of sleep. Totally easier said than done around here, but there are things I could do on my part to get more sleep.

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Another blogger has joined me! I’m so excited to be on this journey WITH others! Check out Kim’s progress on her blog My Heart and Yours. (And thank you everyone for your continued support – this is a long road ahead!)

Fully hydrated,

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