Pool-Ready Basket: ALWAYS Be Ready For The Pool {Avoid That *Awkward* Moment + an awesome coupon!}

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Packing for the Pool

Last week my friend texted me to meet at the neighborhood pool, and of course, I wanted to catch up with her while the kids swam together. The plan was to pick my girls up from Art Camp, come home and grab a quick lunch, and then head right over. After we made it home and ate lunch, we started to get ready to go to the pool. And then, it took a little over an hour to get ready to go to the pool. I knew something was not right, because it takes us less time to get ready for church and nobody needs their hair done for the pool! We ended up being so late that our friends were leaving as we were coming. Seriously.

I was totally embarrassed at my total disorganization (still am)! The whole getting ready process was just a mess and I forgot a ton of stuff that I needed. I told myself then and there that I was not coming back until I made a plan and figured this out. And I did! Yay!

The Plan:

Now I’ve made a laundry basket full of our swim stuff, so all we need is to get our swimsuits on and grab the basket. Easy, easy! Any extra toys or equipment that are grabbed are a bonus, but all the necessities are all in one place ALWAYS ready to go.

Pool Basket Must Haves

What is in the basket:

  • Towels (You think this is obvious, until you forget!)
  • “Hygiene” Container – A plastic container that has sunscreen, band-aids, antibiotic cream for scrapes, brush, and hair elastics.
  • Snacks Container
  • Refillable water bottles
  • A few small pool toys
  • Baby Stuff – wipes and Huggies Little Swimmers. I’ve been using Huggies Little Swimmers since my twins were babies, because I learned pretty quick that you need “the real deal” for swim diapers. When ‘explosions’ come (and they never do at a convenient time), you do NOT want to be the mom whose baby has the disgusting leaky diaper! If anything “leaks” into our neighborhood pool, they shut it down for 24 hours so they can “shock” the gross stuff out. Like I said, you do NOT want to have to be the mom who tells everyone else they need to vacate the pool. Can you say AWKWARD?! I’ve used Huggies Little Swimmers for all of four of my babies and can’t imagine using anything else!

I don’t get my baby dressed until we get to the pool, because it is just that much easier.

All baby needs at the pool

I might have been having a little too much fun taking pictures of him at the pool. I didn’t think through the “exit strategy” of having him bare-bottomed for long, so I hurried up and got his Little Swimmers on.

Before and After Swim Diapers

Seriously, I know every mother thinks her baby is the cutest in the whole world, but I’m pretty sure I’m the one who is right! :) This chunky monkey weighs over 22 pounds at barely 5 months! He is one solid beef-cake!

So cute that sometimes I just let him swim in only his diaper

It is kind of endearing the way he stares at his sisters swimming! Won’t be long before he is just another one of the crazy kid-swimmers, but for right now, I’m glad he is still my baby.

Watching the big kids

I am so relieved to have an organized method of getting ready to go to the pool! Now I can take my little bunch every day of the week and not feel that stress of gathering everything I need last minute.



And guess what?! I have an awesome coupon for you to use on your next package of Huggies Little Swimmers diapers from Target! I’m so excited to share this with you, because I get the pleasure of picturing lots of little babies and families having lots of pool-time fun!

Click on this link for your coupon!


Keep cool,

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8 thoughts on “Pool-Ready Basket: ALWAYS Be Ready For The Pool {Avoid That *Awkward* Moment + an awesome coupon!}

  1. Great tips! I was just thinking today that I need to put together a swim bag, now that swim lessons have started! I was “that mom” who didn’t have shampoo or anything for the after lesson shower, so another mom gave me some. Not tomorrow!! ;)

  2. So cute! I think our first pool trip also went about as smooth. I have a bag full of everything now and it’s canvas so I can use it for the beach too. :) J goes through 3-5 diapers every time because he gets so cold and has to come out to change and warm up some! I will gladly take that coupon! lol

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