Orange-Mint Infused Water

As you know from this post, I’m trying to drink a lot more water. I’m still dealing with cravings for something flavored. Infused Water is the perfect compromise between my health goals and my cravings. Wahoo! This is my recent flavor creation: Orange-Mint Infused Water.

Orange-Mint Infused Water Recipe

Place sliced oranges in the bottom of the pitcher and cover with plenty of water. You can refill water. The longer the fruit sits in the water, the richer the flavor. The produce needs to be replaced every 24 hours.

My plan is to make a batch every night so my morning water has lots of flavor and replace every night before I go to bed. I plan to try lots of combos!

Can you get an easier or healthier drink (other than plain water)?!

Orange-Mint Infused Water Recipe

I mixed up a big batch for our 4th of July guests last week. Even the kids seem to prefer it, possibly because it was fancier. A little girl’s prerogative is to sometimes like something just because it is fancy.

Getting healthy and loving it,

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