Organize My Life – Week #6


Thanks to everyone who linked up this week! I am so impressed by your projects! I have some great blog posts to feature!

link - adventures in DIY

Link - Life in Ryans

link - My Other Shoe

link - the weathered door

And now I have some news —

I’m going to put this fun linkup party on hold for a while. It ended up taking more of my time than I realized it would … and I would rather spend my “work hours” bringing you some ideas I have brewing. I’ve got great things getting my attention – I’m really getting into my Organize Myself to Health series. My blog post idea queue is pages long and some of those ideas just really need to be shared. Only if there were more hours in the day!

I truly appreciate all of the bloggers who linked up and supported this effort of mine. I might just pick it back up in a while, but until then, I hope you stay around for a while and get organized with me.


Helping you get and stay organized,

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