When You Just Need a Win {Organizing Myself to Health – Week #4}

Organizing Myself to Health

Welcome back to my weekly installment of “Organizing Myself to Health”.

Sometimes the right thing to do is to take on a challenge and conquer it. Sometimes the right thing to do is go for the easy win and WIN. The hard part can be figuring out what is best for you right now. Here is some of my reasoning when I’m trying to decide where to start with my organizing clients.

Mood 1 — Ready For A Challenge
You are probably Ready For A Challenge when you are feeling full of restless energy, because you want change and you want it now. You want your house organized, you want to be healthy, and you just want to get it done.

Mood 2 — Start With An Easy Win
You probably need to Start With An Easy Win if you are feeling down and need a pick me up. You want that change, but it just feels so far away and you’re not sure you’ll ever get there.

At the start of this week’s change, I was definitely feeling Mood 2 and I needed an easy win. So I chose something simple that I knew I could do, an inclusion rather than an exclusion. I chose adding one apple a day to my diet. The third time in the prior week that someone recommended I eat an apple, I decided there must be something to it, so I looked into it a little.

Apples - Start With A Win

  • Bob Harper says in his Skinny Rules that you should eat an apple every single day, emphasizing every single day.
  • Apples are rich in vitamins and fiber.
  • Filling and sweet, but low calorie.
  • A great source of Vitamin C.
  • Aids metabolism and digestion.
  • Apples wake you up better than coffee/caffeine without the side effects! Say what?!

And I can tell you that last one is true. On accident I didn’t have any caffeine this past week. That wasn’t one of my goals, but it was a side effect of the apples. I didn’t feel the need as much. Don’t you love unplanned, positive side effects?!

Apples provide a better morning wake up than a cup of coffee

And you might think I’m crazy, but I totally wash my apples with this. (Yep, that stuff does everything. And membership is Free this month!)

~~~~~~ Organizing Thought ~~~~~~

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the state of your home, and feel like you have so many mountains to climb to get it all organized, Start With An Easy Win! Pick a junk drawer and organize. Start with a small closet, just the cup cupboards in your kitchen. Let the win from that propel you forward onto the next win! Starting with a win has a really great emotional rebound effect. Most of my clients tell me how they end up organizing more of their homes on their own AFTER our work together is done. Let the positive mojo move your forward and don’t look back!


I’m so grateful for my Easy Win, and now I’m ready to keep going! So much more Organizing Myself to Health left to go.

Week 5′s challenge –

One treat a day. As big or little as I want, but only one and I’ll need to plan for it.

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