There Is Never Enough Sugar! {Organizing Myself to Health – Week #5}

Organizing Myself to Health

Welcome back to my weekly installment of “Organizing Myself to Health”.

My habit change challenge for this past week was to limit myself to one desert each day, to force myself to plan for things I wanted. Even if I ignore the holiday portion of this past week, I did not do awesome at this. One thing is for sure, a sugar addict is not cured in one week. My relationship with sugar is kind of what got me into this whole mess with my health anyways. I could give up big discount hamburgers and greasy fries in an instant and never look back. But every time I even consider giving up sugar, I start to panic.

Hello, my name is Mary and I’m addicted to Sugar.

I continue to lie to myself all the time. This is my last piece of junk cookie, and then I’m only going to eat homemade cookies or healthier treats. Just one more piece of this chocolate and then that craving will go away.

The truth is THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH SUGAR! I am never satisfied with sugar. Even after I feel full and sick, my mind still craves more sugar. That last sentence makes me want to stop and cry. Seriously, I am so addicted that I will eat sugar and junk food past that “sick full feeling”. Even when I can tell that the junk food is causing me harm, I just keep going because I don’t really know how to stop. I guess I just don’t know when enough is enough.

And that reminds me of a quote from this post about limiting clothes for children (“Setting practical limits to children’s clothing”).

When is enough enough?

I think I need more practice at this one. I did have a few awesome successes, even when no one was looking, but I’m going to have to get some more tools in my toolbox to figure this out. I will keep trying. What works for you?

(If you notice that I’m publishing this past 11 pm on Tuesday, it is because I’ve almost deleted it several times. Ahhhh!!!! I better hit publish while I’m willing.)


Week 6′s challenge –

I’m going to connect with other people on a journey to get healthier. And I’m going to keep reigning in the sugar. I have to believe I can learn a new way to live, because I believe YOU can every time I teach a new organizing concept.

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9 thoughts on “There Is Never Enough Sugar! {Organizing Myself to Health – Week #5}

    1. I’ve been playing around with a lot of ideas. I think I’m going to join one of my friends in a “body reset”?? Ack, all of this stuff terrifies me!

  1. Sugar addiction is a REAL THING! I get addicted to sugar after all of my babies because my mom comes in town and makes dessert like everyday! So, I go COLD TURKEY off of it after she leaves. When you keep giving yourself a little bit of sugar, your craving will not go away!
    For me, giving it up completely for a set amount of time is the best way for me to lose a craving. For example, I noticed back in November that I was mindlessly snacking on mini candybars from my piano goody box! I would grab like 3 everyday at the same time and do it again the next day! One day, I decided to look up how many calories were even in those things and learned it was 50 calories! So I was wasting 150 calories a day on mindless snacking. Candybars aren’t even that good!!! If I want to spend calories on sugar, it better be GOOD (read cinnamon roll or cheesecake). So, I signed a paper, put it on my fridge and gave up all candy and candybars until Easter of this year. About 6 months. Maybe it was extreme. But guess what? I do not crave candybars or candy at all anymore! Like I don’t even like them really. (exception: pretzel m&ms- don’t even put those near me) ha ha
    I’m all about making permanent changes, just like you and not doing super extreme things. But this was a little change that I was able to make that I didn’t really miss. Now I am back to allowing myself to have candy, but I don’t crave or care about it.
    GOOD LUCK with all of this!!! This is a topic I LOVE. :)

    1. Wow, Courtney. First with telling me about Apples and energy, and now with this awesome advice about candy. I think you’re right. I think candy and me need a break. A big long break. I think I just found my next “mission”. When you did your break from candy, did that include all treats or just candy?

      1. I’ve done both! This time around it was candy and candy bars bc that’s what I was having a problem with. On my mission, it was cookies. I loved making homemade cookies with one of my companions. We would come home from a long day and make cookies or make them for an investigator or friend. We were making them all the time and I was truly addicted. So I gave those up for a few months too. I don’t have a problem with them anymore either. So my best advice is to choose something you are having too much of and start there. If the answer is everything, do a one month sugar fast. Be super specific on what you will not eat (or else you will make excuses. I totally have gotten creative by justifying Rice Krispie treats or frozen yogurt if I don’t write them down specifically). I just get a paper, write my commitment (very specific), set a time limit, sign my name and don’t look back. Watch your cravings die! :)

  2. I LOVE sugar so much as well. Lately I have just distanced myself as much as I can from it. Don’t really bake anymore (sad face) and no buying of sweets at the store, unless they are single serving. One big motivator I have with sugar, is I try to remember how I feel after I eat like way too many cookies. I feel sick. Now one or two, I don’t see a problem with that! I am also motivated after having a child. There is just so much sugar in everything that is for kids, it kind of scares me. I don’t want him to grow up with having that much sugar and having a high tolerance for it (might just be wistful thinking though)!
    You are doing awesome, keep it up!

  3. You have to make a plan to replace the bad with something good, so when you are tempted, there is a healthy option. Here is my favorite . . . (it’s high calorie so just 1 is all you can eat, but it’s filling, healthy and sweet!). If you can’t find raw it will still be better than a candy bar, but not as healthy!

    Protein Balls
    2 c raw almond butter or peanut butter
    1/2 c chopped raw almonds
    1/2 c chopped raw pecans
    1/2 c raw unsweetened coconut
    1/2 c protein powder (or powdered milk)
    1/2 c chopped dates
    1/2 c “enjoy life” semi-sweet chocolate mini chips or carob chips
    1/4 c raw honey
    Mix all ingredients. Make into balls and roll in more coconut. Chill. Makes about 24 ping-pong size balls.

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