Mini-Frozen Pizzas {For Busy Nights or Lunchboxes!}

I’m a big believer in homemade when it is better homemade. Homemade pizza is hard to beat! When I was creating the school lunch menu for my children, I decided to add in a pizza day. The easiest way to do this was to come up with a version that I could make in individual sizes and freeze.

Mini-Pizzas are the best things ever

How to make Mini-Frozen Pizzas

Start with preparing a good dough. This recipe is great if you need one. {Tip – Bulk yeast lasts a very long time in the freezer and stores well in a peanut butter container. I use mine straight from the freezer.}

Store yeast in freezer and use straight from the freezer

Prepare your rolling surface. I poured olive oil directly onto my butcher block and rubbed it in. Oil is a lot less messy than flour!

Prepare kneading surface for dough with olive oil

I kneaded my dough a few times, then divided into individual globs of dough. I’ve found that the equivalent dough for 1 large pizza crust = 8 mini-pizza crusts. I reserved enough dough for 16 personal pizzas (same amount as 2 large pizzas).

Cut dough into pieces for individual mini-pizza crusts

Roll each glob into a circular-ish shape.

Roll glob into a circular-ish shape

Let rise until doubled.

Let Rise until double

Top with this sauce (it is THE BEST), then add cheese and your choice of toppings. 2 cups of cheese per 8 mini-crusts.  

The BEST Pizza Sauce

Bake on 400 F until crust is golden brown, approximately 13 minutes, but watch and use your best judgment with your oven. Why bake? I want to be able to pull these out of the freezer and put into my kids lunch. If I were making frozen pizzas for dinners, I would freeze un-cooked, but still with it already raised and made.

Mini-pizzas ready to freeze or eat

This box of 16 mini-pizzas will last five weeks, eating one day per week.

Mini-Pizzas ready for the freezer

That wasn’t so bad, was it?! You could totally do it!

If your school is peanut free, isn’t this a great alternative?! And you could pull them out on a busy night. These will always be in my freezer now! You are welcome, world! :) And now do you want to see it all cute in the lunchbox?

Mini pizzas can be made in bulk and frozen

Pack your lunch and watch the savings add up!

We pack our girls lunch every day. Not only does it give me control over packing healthier options that I know they’ll eat, it also saves a ton of money. School lunches here are $2.20. Five days a week for one child would be $11. Five days a week for three kids would be $33. That is $132 every four weeks if I bought my three girls lunch. Um, no thanks, I can do much better than that.

I usually send pizza on Fridays, because that is when their peers are also usually eating pizza from the cafeteria line. Let me know if you give it a try! I hope it works for you like it does for us.


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8 thoughts on “Mini-Frozen Pizzas {For Busy Nights or Lunchboxes!}

  1. Hi Mary, love this idea very much for my daughter’s school lunch! What’s the temperature for 13 minutes in the oven? Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. In between the oven & the baggies, what’s the process? Very excited to add this to our lunchbox menu :-)

    1. I just let them cool, then put them in the baggies! You could flash freeze them for a few hours and then put them in baggies … lots of ways of doing this, but don’t overthink it. It really is just putting them in baggies. :)

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