My Mini-Me (& A Blast From My Past)

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I can see bits of myself in all of my children, but one of my daughters doesn’t just imitate me by accident, she imitates me by choice. And I’m going to admit, I absolutely love it. Love it. When I am putting on makeup, she is next to me waiting her turn. When I am changing a diaper, she shadows every move. When I’m organizing, she is right there with me giving me her input. Have I mentioned that I love it?

So, when wanted to send me a pair of Jelly’s, I just knew it would be a perfect birthday present for my mini-mi. When I was little, I remember having my very own pair of jellies. All of my friends had a pair too. They were kind of a thing! It is SO FUN to see my Mini-Me reliving a childhood memory.

Jellys Arrive Birthday girl style with her own haircut My precious birthday girl

Admiring her new jellies

Testing out her new shoes on the playground


Don’t worry, I didn’t force her to work for free. She was given an M&M per picture. That is the going rate for modeling, right? That would have made my day when I was her age. Do you remember being six? I remember playing up and down my street with my best friend Nicole. We made a hideout under a bush. The idea of fitting in a bush seems crazy to me now, but I bet my little cutie-pie could play in a  bush!

And since Jelly Shoes ship for FREE from the US, I can get some cute pairs of shoes for my two other mini-me’s.

Do you have any Jelly memories? What color would you get now?

With nostalgia,

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