Take Snacking in a Healthier Direction #GiantFlavor

Friday night I texted a few friends for an impromptu game night. Do you have game nights with your friends? Game nights have evolved with the addition of children, but we make it work still. The kids get to do their own thing while the adults sit around a board game at the table. I love a good board game.

I’ve been trying to take my family’s snacking in a healthier direction. While I’m on my journey to health, it is only natural that I improve how my family eats … and now I’ve included guests in that too. My standard game night snacks usually involve one or more kinds of homemade cookies, but with a string of big events in a row, I didn’t want to blow another night with a ton of junk food. I sent a follow-up text “I’m going to try to do healthier snacks tonight.” I wonder if they were afraid of what was coming?!

My friends were pretty great about rolling with my crazy blogger ways when I said things like “wait a second, I need a picture of this first.”

Green Giant Barbecue and Garden Ranch Chips

These are the healthy snack options I came up with on the fly that were super easy to put together. Sweet Potato Vegetable Chips and Garden Ranch Veggie Tortilla Chips with a bean dip and hummus dip, pepper strips, strawberries, and blueberries. Something to make everyone happy!

Take snacks in a healthier direction


Shhh … don’t tell, but the Sweet Potato tasted too good to be made out of real sweet potatoes. Thin, perfectly crispy, and an amazing flavor.

Giant Flavor

We ended up playing Ticket to Ride. I did not win. That is all I want to say about that. BUT, at least I got to enjoy a nice snack with the game. That made losing taste a little bit better. The tortilla chips were fun to dip. Added a lot of zing to the standard chips and dip routine.

Such a fun twist on a traditional chip - made with real vegetables

The kids found their way to the kitchen and ate them right from the bag. Why stop them? “Children, stop eating that snack made from real vegetables.” -Said No Parent Ever

Stop eating that snack made from real vegetables said no parent ever

And because I know you want to try them yourself – use the coupon found HERE. You’re welcome for that!

Bite Into Giant Flavor

What do you think? Are you going to give these a try? What are your favorite go-to easy and healthy snacks?

I have some new favorite snacks now!


Enjoying some delicious Green Giant chips,

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