How To Sew EASY {Black-Out} Curtains

While I’ve been in my kids’ rooms this week, I got side-tracked on a little project. Curtains in my kids’ rooms. Why not do a little decorating while I de-clutter? As you’ll see from these pictures, on this day the nursery room was a mess. Surprise! I had no idea my kids had “set off a bomb” in the nursery, but I could either spend my time on the curtains or cleaning. I chose curtains first. :)

How about I show you the easiest way to make black-out curtains? I can really rock sewing in straight lines, and luckily, that is all this project requires.

How to sew Easy black-out Curtains

Step 1 – Measure the length you want your curtains to be. I like to go pretty close to the ceiling (or crown molding if applicable), and to the floor. Add a few inches of  buffer to each end, to allow for folding and sewing.

Step 1 - Measure curtain length

Step 2 – Cut the panels to matching lengths. This can be done easily by folding the fabric in half on the floor. I leave my measuring tape locked into place to make measuring the curtain length easier. I cut the excess off of the non-fold end and then cut the fabric in half at the fold.

Step 2 - Make Cutting Easier

Step 3 – Cut the Black-Out fabric in the same way, though it can be shorter, since the curtain fabric can fold around it.

Step 4 – Lay the Black-Out fabric on top of the curtain fabric, “BAD” sides touching.

Step 5 - Align the layers

Step 5 – Fold the top down twice, so there is no raw edge showing. Only pin the top! The sides you can just fold and sew as you go, so make your life easier and just pin the top.

Step 6 - Pin ONLY the top

 Step 6 – Sew the edges of the curtain panel.

a – Start by sewing the tops of each panel first.

b Start at the top of each panel from where the top edge is sewn together and sew each side down to the bottom. Fold twice and sew, pause and repeat. 

c – No need to pin, just fold and sew as you go! Fold the bottom over twice and sew last.

Step 7 - Sew the edges of the panel

Step 7 – Use curtain clips to hang! Wasn’t that easy?!!

Hang with curtain clips

So, if you didn’t want to make the curtains black-out, you could use this same method to just back the curtains with curtain lining, or skip the lining and just sew around the edge to make a simple curtain. Easy, easy peasy!

How to make Easy Blackout Curtain Panels

And I did all of this with my little helper. He kept moving onto the curtains, and when I paused to turn the hem of the curtains, he grabbed the pedal and sewed some curtains for me. Yep, I adore him. :)

Little Helper

Happy de-cluttering or decorating, whatever strikes you!

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10 thoughts on “How To Sew EASY {Black-Out} Curtains

  1. I love how simple this is to do !! I need new curtains like really bad but boy they are so costly. I want to make my own and this is perfect !! Love the helper !! I have one around the same age which I call my little UNhelper because he is always behind me undoing what I am trying to do LOL Gotta love it :)

    1. Yes! You can definitely do curtains!! You only have to sew in straight lines and you can use any fabric you want. I sew all my curtains, I don’t even look at the pre-made ones anymore.

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