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It seems I have genetically passed down my curse to my three daughters of terrible seasonal allergies. If your family suffers from seasonal allergies, you know what I’m talking about: red eyes, runny noses, allergies turning into sickness, constantly questioning whether your children have colds or allergies and constantly questioning sending them to school/preschool. I hate having to say things to my girls like don’t pick those flowers or don’t touch the grass, because I know it is going to result in a big flare-up of allergy symptoms. That is a miserable way to live!

This past Spring I gave my children OTC children’s allergy medicine every single day. We used the liquid kind because it was more affordable than the tablets. When I gave my girls doses according to package instructions, we used up more than a bottle of allergy medicine every week.  We were going through six bottles a month!

I decided to focus on getting my kids healthy and building up their immune systems, so I started giving them two Shaklee Incredivites every single day. Shaklee vitamins are not your normal vitamins. The vitamins are not synthesized in a lab, but pulled straight from nature to give kids bodies the vitamins and minerals in a way that their bodies can actually absorb and use! There are not any nasty fillers, like petroleum, chalk, or sand. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Shaklee was a pioneer in the vitamin industry and Shaklee is still leading the way in quality.

During the summer, I was able to stop the allergy medicine (seasonal allergies were drawing to an end). I still gave my kids two Incredivites every single day. This was the healthiest summer of my girls’ life! This fall, when it was time to start seasonal allergy medicine again, I decided to take a chance and gave my girls two Shaklee Vitamin C Chewables each day instead of allergy medicine. Shaklee’s Vitamin C is the same form of Vitamin C found in nature, so these little bodies can actually use the nutrients. I knew that the Vitamin C with the Incredivites would help my children develop stronger immune systems, which would allow their bodies to fight off sickness and allergies, not just continue to cover up symptoms.

I have not had to buy a single bottle of allergy medicine.

My children have not had red eyes or runny noses. They are healthy, healthy, healthy.

We used to spend at least $60 a month in allergy medicine and now it costs me $16 every 30 days for chewable Vitamin C (for all three children). Even better than saving the money, is having my girls feel good.

Natural Allergy Solutions

If you are interested in trying what we do:

  • We give each child  two Incredivites every day. {Order Incredivites HERE.}
  • We give each child two Vitamin C chewables every day and extra if it seems they might be coming down with something, so that it doesn’t materialize. {Order Chewable Vitamin C HERE.}
  • We have a humidifier running in each bedroom to help with dryness. The first night-time bloody nose of each season is my usual unfortunate reminder that it is time to pull out the humidifier.

Now I continue this regime through our winters too, to help my children stay strong and healthy during flu season and when other nasty stuff is going around.

Does your family suffer crazy seasonal allergies like mine? How do you protect your family’s health?

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Re-posted from last fall with some edits. Still true. :)

6 thoughts on “Natural Solutions for Kids Allergies

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the info. I also find that my allergies can be exasperated by dairy products, so I steer clear for a few days if I’m starting to feel stuffy. :)

  2. What’s the correlation between the bloody nose and the humidifier? My son has a bloody nose some nights. He may have allergies too and is usually sniffling. Thanks!

  3. My daughter really has bad allergies. She can’t take calcium, cause it’s hard on her stomach. I could use some help please. My grandson just has allergies, just not as bad as her.

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