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Yesterday, even though it was a holiday, I ended up spending a lot of time on my laptop “blogging”. As you probably realize, I’ve been busy orchestrating the 91 Day De-Clutter Challenge. Normally all of my blogging happens while my girls are at school or sleeping. They know I blog, because we talk about the blog and sometimes I will say “I need a picture of this for the blog”. (Which, by the way, my kids totally copy. Now they frequently say things like “Mom, let’s take a picture of this for my blog.” Haha!) But they don’t really watch the action, so when they saw me blogging today, it made my eight year old ask –

“Mom, What do you do all day while I’m at school?”

Hmm … what do I do all day? What does any stay at home mom do all day? A little bit of this and a little bit of that! I take care of my baby boy, my home, laundry, groceries, volunteering at school, and the other millions of little things that come up in a day.

But, somewhere in all the cracks, I also run THREE businesses. And I love it. I’ve got some big dreams, and I am making them happen!

I Dream Big

Still, I thought some of you might be interested in what it is I do for my work. When I meet other women, they always have so many questions about how I make money working for myself. Here is a little bit about each of my businesses, right down to the nitty gritty of my pay —

Professional Organizer:

This is a business I only had to advertise right when I started over a year ago. Since then, people have been approaching me at a faster rate than I can serve, so I had to start a waiting list. Word of mouth has been my best marketing. I go into my clients homes and kick some organizing booty. It is a challenge, it is fun, and I adore my clients. The only thing I don’t enjoy about this part of my business is that it takes me away from home, except those times when I need a break from home. :) Since the baby has come, I’ve scaled back my hours drastically and now I just take on one client at a time. Of my work-week, this takes up about 3-6 hours, between 12-24 hours a month. I average in between $660-$1320 a month. {Though I have to pay a babysitter when I work during the week, so it isn’t all net profit.}

Mary Organizes


I’d say I initially started blogging to sustain my organizing business, but that isn’t the whole story. Really I started all of these businesses to fill a void. I had been going through fertility treatments and trying to get pregnant for years. After a lot of consideration, my husband and I decided to close the book on the whole baby thing. Since my baby girl was going to kindergarten, and I was about to be a “daytime empty-nester”, I decided to start something I could throw myself into whole-heartedly. I really love writing and getting to know readers. I can’t say blogging is super lucrative by itself quite yet. All the money I’ve made blogging has yet to offset the overhead costs of the tech stuff and design, but I’ve been happy to earn some money in affiliate sales (remember the Fresh Home Bundle?), a few ad campaigns (Electrolux, Huggies, Jelly Shoes, and Green Giant chips), and I’ve just started accepting sponsors. Blogging is the most time consuming of all of my businesses and it is so hard to not get obsessive with it. Going forward, if I did 1-2 sponsored posts a month, I would make between $100-$400 a month, but that number is quite subjective as all ad campaigns and sponsored posts are different. When all is said and done, it probably equals 10 cents an hour, but when you love what you do … :) And besides, the blog has really helped me with my 3rd and favorite business.

Shaklee Shop


There is so much to say about my Shaklee business that I honestly don’t know where to begin or how to fit it into a cute little paragraph. When I started this blog in March of 2012, I knew I wanted to use it as an income source. I had been a Shaklee member for a year and loved the cleaning stuff and started ordering the laundry stuff in February 2012. Since I knew I loved my Shaklee stuff, I decided to try to market my favorite products on the blog. From my starter kit, I started taking Vitalizer. In May I found out I was pregnant, which was a huge shock! I know how crazy this might sound, but I really believe there is a correlation between using Shaklee products and healing my fertility. The only things that changed since those failed fertility treatments was that I changed my laundry soap and took Vitalizer. No matter what ever became of my Shaklee business, I already felt like I had won.

During the first months of my business, I focused on growing my blog. My Shaklee team, Project Dream, has a ton of training resources available on blogging. Plus, the team was very supportive of my new, fragile blog. They were some of the first people to like my Facebook page. I was also dealing with a very difficult pregnancy. Even though I wasn’t moving mountains in my Shaklee business, my team was there for me and very supportive.

After Cougar was born this January, I took a bit of a maternity leave. In May of this year, I was ready to make a real go of my Shaklee business and I started to put in consistent time and effort. Last month (in August), all of my hard work paid off and I was given a “promotion” in my Shaklee business and earned the title of Director. How often are stay at home moms given a promotion?! I won’t lie, it felt awesome!! And more importantly, it got my closer to my big dreams. I want to help pay off our mortgage early and take my family on vacations. Sounds simple, but it means so much to me!! I am now a $1k+ a month mom, with big plans to grow! It took a while to grow my business, but I stuck it out and am so glad I did. My next promotion includes a car payment, not to mention a bigger paycheck. And I can keep growing from there too!


If I were to describe what my Shaklee job is like, it is this: “I share health and wellness products, and some choose not to buy the products, but some do and my business grows.” Some people have even chosen to partner with me and it has been so fun to work with them, and help their businesses grow too.

If you are interested in joining my Shaklee marketing team, please contact me at mary[at]maryorganizes[dot]com and we can arrange a time to chat and see if you are a good fit.

So, this post was a slightly different answer of “What I Do All Day” than I gave my eight year old. I told her that I took care of her baby brother and the house and missed her all day long, which of course, is true too.

Keep dreaming,

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4 thoughts on “What I Do All Day

  1. I feel so lazy when I read this LOL! I admire how much you get done, it makes me truly realize that I have loads of time during the week as a SAHM and I’m not using it wisely.

    I think I got caught up believing that “I don’t have time,” when in fact I have as much time as you probably do and could be getting a lot more done. Thanks for the kick in the pants so to speak! XO

    1. I don’t sleep much, so I might have more time. lol. I don’t know where you spend your time, but all the things SAHM’s do takes up a lot of time. Yes, TV and Facebook are obvious wasters, but those are probably secondary to all the other things that take up our time. My hours from 3-8 are completely packed with driving kids to various activities, but I make phone calls when I find myself with 10 minute pockets of time within the chaos. (Like when I send my kids to go get dressed for soccer. I have a few minutes then and other little similar moments.) I think for me, it is having a plan before the day starts that lets me take advantage of all the “cracks”, but even on days when I don’t work, my days are very very full. Being a SAHM is very hard work and very time consuming, so don’t be too hard on yourself! We all have different stages of families and kids. Of course, if you want to work with me on my Shaklee team, I would be glad to share my secrets to making that business “work” with everything else on my plate. ;) Have a great day! -Mary

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