Keeping Track of Cleaning & Laundry {FREE Printables!!}

Keeping Track of Laundry and Cleaning

A frequently asked question I get is how do I keep track of regularly scheduled cleaning and laundry.  Truth be told, I have a single printable for the week that helps me track my entire week. It is the kind of schedule you’d expect from a professional organizer who also enjoys writing about organizing. Ha! {I’m not sure I’ll ever share this printable, because it is so customized to my life. Plus, it is a service I offer in my organizing business. You know I share a lot of my trade secrets on the blog here, but a girls got to keep some secrets secret.} But, I digress, right now we are talking specifically about tracking cleaning and laundry.

I use this in my laundry room –

Laundry and Cleaning Schedule

I use a dry-erase marker and write directly on the glass. Easy Peasy!

Benefits of a public schedule:

  • Stay on track with chores, because in a quick glance you can remember what you need to work on each day.
  • Get the satisfaction from crossing off completed chores. Ahhh … crossing things off lists is one of my favorite pleasures. :)
  • If there are other people in the household willing to help, they can go to the central location and get a clear idea of what could be done to help.
  • Keep it simple. A simple list makes hard things seem approachable.

As far as the actual cleaning goes, my ideal is to get my daily cleaning out of the way first thing in the morning and get laundry started right away. But “real” days happen here too. Want to see who is keeping my life very “real” right now?

My Sweet Little Guy

Yep, he is pretty sweet. It is a distraction I welcome! :)

Want to make your own board. Feel free to use these schedules I created. Click on either of these below. They are both cropped to fit in a 5×7 frame. I left them both full resolution, just click on the image and save for your own personal use. Please do not use these images on any other website. Thanks. ;)

Laundry Schedule _MO Cleaning Schedule _MO

I have so many thoughts about keeping a perfectly clean house please read!

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And of course READ HERE for My Laundry Secret, you do not want to miss that.

What do you think? How to you keep track of Housework?

Keeping it organized,


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16 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Cleaning & Laundry {FREE Printables!!}

  1. I have a print out in my planner but I’m still working on using my planner so it doesn’t always help. “someday” I finally get my act together!

  2. Girl, do you really do six loads of adult laundry? I’m so bad about tossing everything in together, and I just can’t imagine how you get to six!

    1. Well, yes, I do. I do our undies separate and then 1 hand wash & hang dry load, 1 delicate wash & ultra low dry load, 1 permanent press & low dry load, darks & then lights in a normal wash. It really isn’t time-consuming this way, even though describing it makes it sound very time consuming! I have separate laundry things (I’ll blog about it soon) for all the different loads and it is actually super easy to put away a small load when everything goes to the exact same place to put away. You need to come see the madness to see that it makes sense. :)

  3. I work 20 hours a week, and we have four kids. I can get the house completely organized and then in one week ever room has fallen apart. I can’t seem to stay on top of things. Any suggestions? I am a Christian but do not have victory in this chaos!

    1. So many suggestions! It sounds like from your brief description that you may need to take a look at your daily maintenance habits, instead of viewing things one week at a time.

  4. Is there a way to customize the schedules? Also I am pretty stupid when it comes to computers; so how do I save it to my laptop? Also do u use excel? I have windows xp which of course microsoft stooped so I was thinking ofchanging my computer to lynex. Do u know anything about their word and excel-like programs?

          1. My new planner has a sheet in the Home Management section to help guide you through making your own schedule. That is another option.

  5. Hi Mary, I am new to your site, ran across it after googling how to get an 8 year old with add to clean. You have great advice for that by the way. Any tips on a very small house vs a family of five with a 10 yo, 8yo and 17 month old. Our house is around 1100 square feet. The baby shares a room with us and my oldest has a very tiny room. (long story) We have purged from a 3k square foot home five years ago and can’t really lose anymore stuff. I am at my wits end and on the verge of selling my sewing machine and all fabric and craft stuff just to make room. I sew on the side for extra cash to help with our oldest child’s medical needs. Please help.

  6. Can you explain your laundry schedule to me? Do you have different bins for each of the above laundry check offs? What check offs do you do in a day?

    1. Yes I do – do a search on my site for “Laundry Monster” and I review all of my different laundry posts. I write a lot about laundry, but that is because I know it is a problem for a lot of people. Hopefully that one has all the info you need.

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