Meet Lydia

Meet Lydia

Today I want to introduce you to one of my Shaklee partners, Lydia. She constantly reminds me of how all the little changes we make over time add up eventually. She has an incredible story of her own health journey!

Lydia & Matt

Lydia is a mother of four and married to a firefighter. As a vegan and fitness-enthusiast, she feels strong and healthy, but that wasn’t always the case.

Lydia and Alyssa

Her journey to health started years ago. She did not feel well and was constantly tired. She woke up almost every day with a little headache that would progress into a terrible headache many days. Kidney stones were a frequent part of her life, even sending her to the ER sometimes. One day when Lydia and I were talking about her health journey and how far she has come, she told me how when you feel bad all the time “you get used to something and then you think it is normal to feel sick all the time.” That really stuck with me and I could completely relate! Have you ever got used to sub-par living? Not fun, not fun.

Her cervical cancer scare was a tipping point. Her mom, aunts, grandma all had cervical cancer, and the doctors deemed her “pre-cancerous” and she was going through constant biopsies and they wanted to start treatment. She thought there might be another way.

Torio Family

Over the span of a few years, she made slow and steady changes for her health. Started by limiting salts and sodas, then lightened up on fast foods and red meat.

Lydia was well into her journey to health when she found Shaklee. She was reading my blog and wanted to clean her sinks like I do with my natural and organic cleaners. After she fell in love with the cleaners, she started to research Shaklee as a company. She decided that Shaklee’s core beliefs matched her own and she wanted to work with a company who shared her mission.

Lydia is an amazing example of taking care of herself

Lydia is a strict Vegan. And even with all the Vegan eating restrictions, she wasn’t able to shed the last few stubborn pounds. She has used Shaklee’s protein smoothie and has been able to shed the last few pounds! She has also been able to help other people lose weight too.

Torio Family 2

She is such a great mentor to all of her Shaklee clients. Lydia is driven to help people get healthier. She wants to help moms take chemicals out of their homes. She wants to help people lose weight and take control of their health. She blogs about healthy living at Lyd’s Life.

Find out HERE how she can help you get healthier!!

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