Quick Fix: Closet Organizing for Blanket & Pillow Storage

A Quick Fix for Closet Organizing

Today’s Quick Fix solves two problems for me.

Problem #1 – tons of throw blankets all over my living room. There are lots of people in my family and we really do use the blankets. I got rid of my coffee table with storage to make room for baby to play in the middle of the living room floor. When I tried to leave a pretty stack of folded blankets, my kids took that as a personal challenge to scatter that stack wide and far. This picture is actually a little tame compared to what it was normally looking like.

A big blanket mess

When I saw this bag, I saw it as the quick fix I needed.

The Stow 'n Go

I put it in my coat closet nearest my living room. The blankets get stuffed inside (don’t even need to be folded), then pulled out whenever my family snuggles on a chilly night or for a little rest Sunday afternoon.

Store throw blankets neatly

Well, then when that worked so well, I thought the same bag could help my linen closet upstairs. And I suppose it is time to confess. Remember the post where I showed you how I organize my kids off-size and off-season clothes? And I showed you a linen closet. Well, the bottom of the linen closet never stayed that neat. Normally is looked like this, my Problem #2 –

The mess at the bottom of the closet

 But magically these bags make it look like this! Score!

Balance restored - a quick fix for the linen closet

Thanks so much for sending me these awesome bags, Robin!! Go find Robin on her Facebook page HERE and she’ll hook you up with some awesome Clever Container products. Be sure to contact her, because she sometimes has specials going on and she can help you. :) Robin is a sponsor of Mary Organizes and I really appreciate her!

One quick fix at a time,

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8 thoughts on “Quick Fix: Closet Organizing for Blanket & Pillow Storage

  1. I seriously have the same problem in my living room! I swear, there must be fifteen little soft and fuzzy throw blankets for all of us! I don’t have a coat closet of any kind, though – I currently have a trunk that is our coffee table – I store bigger blankets in that, for our beds (no linen closet anywhere in the house either), but it’s not a convenient place to put throws that we want to get out often (when is a coffee table ever free of stuff on top?!?). Right now we have the “folded stack on the back of the couch” theory in place… It’s a great theory, right? Never works!
    Any suggestions? I do have an end table between two comfy chairs that has nothing underneath it, I wonder if I could find a bin or bag that would fit underneath it… Hmmm….

    1. I like your idea of a basket. Yeah, with kids, the folded stack never stays folded and the neatly draped across the back of the couch never stays neatly draped across the back of the couch. :)

    2. Maybe you can try a pretty fabric laundry bag. TJ Maxx, homegoods and Marshall sell them reasonably priced in colors to match any color scheme. I have a wire rimmed one that I use for extra throw pillows and my many throws. I keep it at the side of the couch.

    1. I bought those a long time ago and very very sadly, I haven’t found them since. They are Rubbermaid Canvas totes that zip around the top with a cedar insert. Pretty much perfect for long-term clothes storage!!

      1. The Container Store has some really cute canvas totes that zip around the top. They do not have a cedar insert but they do have a label on the front. I have some and use them to store my extra sheets and all of my purses. I have them lined up across the highest shelf in my closet. They look so cute up there and I love them!

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