5 Travel Tips for the Holidays

5 Travel Tips for the Holidays

1.  Bring Hostess Gifts. Nothing says “forgive my beautiful children for adding their fingerprints to every surface in your home” quite like a nice gift. This is not the gift that is your Christmas gift, this is a separate gift. Something to take the burden off of your host and hostess or to pamper them.

2.  Let your kids pack for themselves. I wrote about how I have my kids pack themselves back when my blog was still a baby, so most of you probably haven’t seen this. This is a lifesaver! Read more about it HERE. And yes, I still use this same worksheet for my kids! {It is all I can do to stop myself from going back and redoing that entire post and all the graphics with what I’ve learned since then … but at the same time it is a nice reminder of how much I’ve learned.}

20120606 KidPackingList

3.  Mail gifts ahead of time. Imagine all of your child’s Christmas gifts tucked away in luggage that gets lost. It probably won’t happen, but take away the stress of the possibility by just mailing gifts ahead of time. Plus, it is one last thing to pack or forget or worry about!

4.  Nest two suitcases together so that you can un-nest them and have an extra suitcase for coming home with all your goodies.If that isn’t an option, on the flight home, layer as many clothes on your body as you can. Ha!

5.  Driving? Put together a Treat & Activity Box for the kids! 

Kids Travel Bucket

A million, ba-jillion travel and road-trip tips

And if that isn’t enough, try one of the million ba-jillion travel tips in this post. It might be from my early-blogging ideas, but the ideas are still real and useful!!

So, where are you going?

Or are you hosting?

Just have fun!!!

Safe travels,

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