Holiday Survival Guide & Calendar (November Edition)

Let me begin by saying this guide is for regular people – you know the ones that haven’t finished all their Christmas shopping yet. Ha! I am just going to say this: I am not an advocate for Christmas prep in July. I say enjoy the season you are in. When it is summer, drink lemonade by the pool. When it is winter, sip hot chocolate, watch movies snuggled under a blanket with your family, and go Christmas shopping for the people you love. If you must do things well in advance, do the un-fun things. Save the fun things and even some of the harder tasks that make the season feel like the season!

I’m all for freezer meals, but not freezing holiday meals in advance. Seriously. Get all the frozen meals ready for the days surrounding the holidays themselves. Bake that pie fresh for Thanksgiving dinner. I might even suggest: Enjoy the process!!! 

Holiday Survival Guide & Calendar

Here is my Checklist for November. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging! Come back, because I will be providing more content and help as the month continues. Be sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss any of the important information. Do not look at this as a list to be completed all at once. Keep reading to see how I distribute this list throughout the month to keep things flowing.

November Holiday Checklist

  • Take Down Halloween Decorations
  • Finish Up Fall & Harvest Decorating
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Invites
  • Travel Arrangements and Accommodations
  • Christmas Card List & Update Addresses
  • Hosting? Order your Turkey or Ham
  • Family Pictures – If you want the professional look, book early because photographers fill up fast this time of year! If you want to take the pressure off for the Family Christmas Cards, well that is great too! Go to a pretty place with another friend’s family and trade of taking pictures.
  • Create Thanksgiving Menu & Make Assignments for the Meal
  • Create Holiday Budget
  • Shop for Non-Perishables
  • Christmas Gift List & Provide Wish List
  • Order Christmas Cards & Buy Stamps
  • Prepare for Guests
  • Deep Clean House
  • Travel Preparations and Packing
  • Prepare Table Setting & Place Cards
  • Thaw Turkey!
  • Charge Cameras
  • Shop for Perishables
  • Thanksgiving – Count Blessings!
  • Take Down Fall Decor & Put Away

November Calendar & Guide

Now that we have that out of the way, let me show you how to spread out the fun.

November 2013 Holiday Guide Calendar


Do you make a lot of lists this time of year? If you do, be sure to come back because I’m going to have some printables that should simplify some things for all of us!

Happy November! Take a deep breath and smile! Life is good! So good!!

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  1. This is such a smart idea! I make a lot of lists this time of year but have never scheduled stuff on specific days. I was just telling my husband that I want to make a holiday schedule to plan around all of the fun Christmas activities in our community. Makes sense to schedule the less glamorous and fun parts too!

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