Do A Turnaround

The other day I was explaining to my daughter why she should brush her hair and teeth every day, even if she doesn’t feel like it. I told her that her body was the vehicle of her soul and so important, and that taking care of body will help her feel good on the inside too. I believe what I was telling her, but I felt like such a hypocrite. There I was sitting with this extra weight I’ve let stick too long, failing to take care of my own body while I preach to my daughters about taking care of theirs. I’m ready to do better.

I’m going to do a turnaround on my health. I want to get fit and feel good!

And I want you to join me!! There are a group of us starting our Turnaround at the beginning of January. Order a turnaround kit today and join us!! Find out more and order HERE. In addition to support and accountability from our Facebook group, you will also have access to Shaklee’s 180 app for your smart phone and the amazing Burst Workouts (powerful 3-minute workouts)!!

As a fun incentive to ORDER TODAY, I’m personally going to mail you one of these pretty blenders. (This is my promotion, not Shaklee’s.) I’ve already ordered the green one for myself!!

Do A Turnaround and Get A Blender

 After you order, let me know if you have a blender color preference. :)

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