How To Hang Stockings The Easy Way

My house is a bit torn-up right now as we are still dealing with the repairs from the damage the ice storm caused. The restoration crews are in and out of here, which is keeping things interesting. :)

But, the good news is I can still show you my fireplace mantel and a little trick I use to hang the stockings.

I love decorating with color and whimsy at Christmas Time. I always feel like I’m decorating for a huge party, but get to leave the decorations up for a month. Here is my fireplace.

How to hang stockings the easy way

I used a 3M hook sideways on each side of the mantel, then I tied a ribbon around each hook, then clipped the stockings right on. (The stockings are separated so that we can light the fire!)

Hang Stockings - no damage - looks good - easy

And yes, I definitely use this trick all throughout the year with birthday banners and party decorations!!

As for the tree, it is being hidden by displaced furniture during the repairs, but go ahead and picture a kid-pretty tree that is not decorated on the lower 1/3rd because of a crawling-trying-to-stand baby.

Merry Christmas!

Take care,

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  1. I really am a wannabe organizer…I try and get so overwhelmed, because I am so fond of my stuff. I realize, it’s all just stuff. Please give me some pointers as to how to start. I’ve got so many organizational books, I could start my own library. Help!

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