Let Go Of {unused & unwanted} Holiday Items This Season

Let Go Of Unused and Unwanted Holiday Items This Season

Have you ever experienced something like this?

At the start of a holiday, you pull out your seasonal decorations. 

You examine them, you are happy to see some favorites emerge.

Then you look at some of it and wonder – “What was I thinking” or “That doesn’t really fit anymore” or “Do you think so-and-so has forgotten she gave this to me?”

Here is the thing. Your tastes change. Let them. Do not force yourself to hold on to the unused and unwanted from seasons’ past. It isn’t as hideous as you think, which doesn’t mean hold onto it anyways, it means give it away and let someone else enjoy it! Give yourself permission to pass it on to the next lucky winner. And if it is that hideous, it will make a great find at the thrift store for someone searching for just that specific kind of hideous thing. (Trust me, if people buy used underwear from garage sales, and they do, they will buy your junk from a thrift store.)

The benefit of passing it on THIS SEASON is that someone can enjoy it right away and it is less likely to end up in the landfill in case your donation center isn’t in the mood to store it for 12 months.

Another benefit is that it will make putting away your seasonal decor so much more enjoyable!! And next year, when you get it out your bins of decor again, it will be such a relief to just see your favorites staring back at you.

So if you needed a nudge to part with your seasonal decorations right now, consider this your nudge. Go through your decor bins right now and take a load to donate!

If the season is over, donate as soon as possible while the holiday is still on people’s minds. Some might snag it up and store it with their seasonal stuff for next year.

If you are serious about getting organized, then de-cluttering and purging excess is a necessary step!

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4 thoughts on “Let Go Of {unused & unwanted} Holiday Items This Season

  1. great post and so true. I need to go through what I didnt put up this year and decide of I am going to keep it. Less clutter less stress :)

  2. I purged our basement a couple of months ago and organized all of our seasonal decor. This Christmas’ decorating was so much easier and more enjoyable.

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