Sunday Dinner Jobs – Making Memories That Matter

Sunday Dinner Jobs - Making Memories that Matter

A year ago I had a vision. A vision of Sunday afternoons with just a bit of structure and purpose. It is like we got home from church and just vegged until the day was over. We like low-key Sundays and try to keep the Sabbath holy, but I felt like we were missing the mark. Sometimes in an attempt to bond with my girls and have some family time, I’d have them come in and help me make dinner or a treat. But it could get overwhelming with all of them wanting to help all at once and arguing about who got to do what. Last December I was pregnant and ran out of energy so fast, I couldn’t last through any of these kitchen sessions.

So, I started something new. And a year later, we are still going strong.

We call them Sunday Jobs. I have three daughters, so I’ve created three jobs all about Sunday dinner: dinner, dessert, and table. The jobs rotate through the girls. Often Matt is in the kitchen with us too and we are all working together, focusing on our different jobs.

Twelve months of jobs means each girl has helped with dinner 16 times, helped make a dessert 16 times, and created 16 beautiful table-scapes. Spending time with each of them individually gives me a chance to actually bond and teach them things. It has been so rewarding to see how much they enjoy our time together and watch their skills improve.

Consistent quality bonding creates a large quantity of over time. Small things can become big, important things over time. For family bonding, quality and quantity time are important.

I always get a big kick out of the fancy table settings my girls come up with. And if it were up to them, we’d make mac ‘n cheese every week. Every time I tell them what treat we’re making, they jump up and down from excitement. Life is good! :)

Sunday Dinner Jobs 1 Sunday Dinner Jobs 2 Sunday Dinner Jobs 3 Sunday Dinner Jobs 5 Sunday Dinner Jobs 6 Sunday Dinner Jobs 4

Sunday Dinner Jobs 7

Sunday Dinner Jobs 8 Sunday Dinner Jobs 9 Sunday Dinner Jobs 10


What parenting tricks do you use to get quality and quantity time with your kids?

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner Jobs – Making Memories That Matter

  1. Timely advice! I’m struggling with family mealtime, mostly for lack of help though. I’m going to set up these rotating jobs so I can stop feeling resentful and start enjoying the time with my kids.

  2. You have a beautiful family and absolutely adorable children! Thanks for the great idea. I think this might work for us sometimes! (Volleyball tournaments get in the way.) Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. How do they each read and follow the recipes? Are they all cooking at the same time and your running around trying to help each? Or do they come to the kitchen with you one at a time and you make it with them the whole way through which keeps you in the kitchen most of the day? I’m curious because I’d love to do this but can’t see how it’d be maneagable with small children. Thank you and God bless you for sharing good ideas to keep a Holy day :)

    1. Great question! We do it at different times throughout the day. Occasionally my husband might come in the kitchen and help, but he is usually with the baby while I can have some peace with my little partner. :)

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