2014: The Year of Results (& Sleep)

2014 The Year of Results and Sleep

My New Year’s Resolutions are simple this year. I’ve chosen One Word to give me direction and One Guiding Goal.

One Word: To be honest, my “one word” was going to be training, because I feel like I have so much I want to learn this year. I was discussing this with a friend and we talked about how some people become “training paralyzed”. Sometimes you can get stuck in the learning phase and forget to apply it. I want to be teachable and open to learning new things, but I want to start applying and progressing. So then the word action got thrown around a bit and thinking about really getting things going was so motivating to me. Training + Action = Results. I’ve enrolled in some courses to improve my business skills and I’m joining my friends working on getting fit together. I’ve been putting things in place to get this year started in the right direction. (You can read my Tomorrow I’ll Be Perfect post to hear more thoughts about resolutions.)

One Guiding Goal: As for my guiding goal, the one thing I want to succeed on (outside the ever-present goal of being a good wife and mom) is to get more sleep. Sounds simple, but this is hard for me. I am a full-time mom, so most of this blogging and my business happens after my kids go to sleep. The more I want to do, the less sleep I get. This is the year I put the focus on rejuvenating myself every night. Maybe this means I’ll be more productive with my daytime hours or maybe this means I just won’t do as much, either way, I am going to find out this year. Do you get enough sleep?


2014 The Year of Peace and the beach

My family also sat down together to discuss our focus. Matt and I decided our focus for the family would be Peace. Now don’t act shocked, but sometimes my kids argue. Gasp! Did you know that if you get three girls within 2 years of age together, they will hurt each other’s feelings constantly.

“Mom, ____ said my drawing was ugly.”
“Mom, ____ won’t give me back my trash.” (I’m not even kidding.)

I value a happy and calm atmosphere in my home. One huge motivation for keeping things reasonably clean and organized is to enhance a happy and calm atmosphere. This year I’m going to focus on helping my kids work through their issues in a peaceful way. Kind thoughts, kind words, kind tone of voice.

Our family goal is a trip to the beach. Deep, right? lol. When I asked everyone what our family goal should be for the year, it was like someone died. So somber. Then I reminded people that goals can be happy and something to look forward to. Why do people, even children, innately think of goals as negative? Man, our society has really done a number on ruining the reputation  of goals! Well, anyway, when the conversation turned positive, we were pretty quick to decide on a trip to the beach as our family goal. The kids are ready to eat out less and do chores to save money for the trip. :)


2014 is going to be a great year. What are your resolutions? Have you ever done the “one word” project?

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4 thoughts on “2014: The Year of Results (& Sleep)

  1. Sleeping more is one of my goals for this year, as part of a bigger goal of leading a healthier lifestyle. When you are only getting 6 hours of sleep at night, it’s hard to carve an extra hour of the day to work out! So, baby steps :) Beyond that, I plan to focus more on my family by paring down my outside commitments, taking care of myself so i can be a better mom and wife, and making our home a better place to be through organization, beauty, and fun. Happy New Year!

  2. I like the idea of a one word goal. I really like how your family one is Peace. That is great like you said sometimes it is hard when the kids are fighting a lot. Sleep is so important I have been trying to get better with shutting off my computer at 9:30 every night and read a little and then go to bed by 10. Some days that doesnt happen

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