Daily Schedule FREE Printable

The best to do list is one that is given a timeline. This is why my very favorite kind of to do list is one written out on a schedule. This helps me mentally step through how I will accomplish things and plan things to be more efficient logistically. All that makes my time more effective.

We can’t make more hours in the day (we’d just overfill those too), but we can use the ones we have more effectively, and that is what a daily plan is all about. Being intentional with my day helps me so much!

Daily Schedule with Free Printable

In addition to the schedule, I’ve included a guide on the sidebar so you can give yourself more detailed reminders. For instance, what do you want do during your workout ? You put “workout” in the schedule and then put more details in the health section. Are their steps to a project you need to write out? I put in the cleaning/laundry what specific cleaning and loads of laundry I want to do. I mark off specific hours to “work”, so now with the guide I can keep notes of what I need to do during that time. Stops me from spinning my wheels figuring out what to do next. Don’t worry, I also created a version without the work section. :)

I always end up writing myself a ton of notes on my to do list, now I can give put those in a neat little section. This is my favorite part. Now my schedule is so much more readable!!

Do you like the change? You can download the PDF to print all you want. I use a sheet every single day. I’ve designed this Printable to be two per page, half sheet per day.


Daily Schedule FREE Printable


Daily Schedule with FREE Printable - without work category

I love lists. This new schedule is an improvement I’ve made since the daily guide I offered in THIS POST. My daily to do list just never gets old to me. I hope you can get lots of use out of it too!

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