Mini De-Clutter Challenge! One Week & 60 Items.

Mini De-Clutter Challenge

I want to teach you a little trick to beating the winter blue’s. In fact, this trick works year-round to fend off stress and the heavy weight of sadness. What is my trick? De-Cluttering!! I want to show you that even just a little de-cluttering a day goes a very long way. It takes a weight off of our minds. We feel lighter. Stress is relieved. I get my best organizing done when I’m stressed! (Removing the clutter is the first step of organizing.)

This week’s challenge is a simple one.

  • For six days, find 10 items in your home to get rid of each day.
  • Remove the clutter from the premises by the week’s end.
  • 6 Days. 60 items total. Out of the House. That’s it!

There is so much power in simple tasks! Simple habits repeated consistently over time are more powerful in positively changing the course of our lives than grand gestures achieved occasionally. 

This round of the challenge will begin tomorrow, January 6th and end Saturday January 11th. Join our online group for support. I’ll be throwing a private giveaway in the group for those who participate. :)

Grab a leftover box from Christmas packaging or a big brown bag and start filling it tomorrow. 10 items each day. It is that easy! If you want to sell it, sell it, just as long as selling it doesn’t become an excuse to keep it around longer. Everything donated and out of the house by end of day Saturday.

If you don’t think you can find 10 items a day — look at bookshelves, movie storage, closets, kitchen cupboards, the backs of bathroom drawers and cabinets, and your garage. Once you start looking, it will get easier to find.

Have a great week of De-Cluttering!!!

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36 thoughts on “Mini De-Clutter Challenge! One Week & 60 Items.

  1. I’m excited about this one and I totally can do this! I’m tackling my office. I can probably find 60 things in one day! Haha. Good luck everyone

  2. this is great!!! i may do 60 things per day!!! all the kids go back to school tomorrow so I have a good chunk of time to get going on this. Does husbands things count to? he has so much junk he wont know i got rid of somethings

  3. I’m in – we MAY be moving. No way am I hauling this crap cross-country. I’m doing an initial purge. If we confirm the move, then things are going to get REALLY real.

  4. I am in!! My office is calling me, too. Smile. I just decluttered my movie shelves, got 5 large garbage bags (black) sorted out!!! Smile. Won’t count that. But it sure made me feel good!

    1. Wellll, I haven’t touched the kitchen yet but got 11 things from one drawer in my bedroom and then cleaned out the pens/marker pile by the telephone. We only use 5 on a regular basis, why did we need the 30+ that were there?

  5. I am in! I bet I can find 60 items in my laundry room junk drawer alone……gah! My 20 year old went minimalist this past year and she has really motivated me.

  6. Oh man! I just clean out and organized a tall, large closet in my classroom. I won’t count that. Now I will have to think of other rooms to de-clutter–that won’t be too hard!

  7. I love this challenge! I’m only 8 items away from 60. I de-cluttered greeting cards, some items from my closet (one from my hubby’s, too – I’ll have to sneak that one out), and other things I can’t even remember. This is SO freeing. Thanks SO much, Mary

  8. I did it!…albeit a little late…thanks for the incentive. I managed to get it done in about 30 minutes because I planned in my head what I was going to do even though I didn’t get it done until today. On the one hand, I think….yikes, that was too easy, I’ve got a long way to go. On the other hand, I think…woo hoo for me for getting started! My focus was mostly plastics — plastic container, cups, outgrown kid size hangers, and outgrown kid clothes.

  9. Hey, I’m in the beginning stages of a decluttering project too..starting with my home office. I’m a piler, not a filer..and I was able to find one side of my computer desk last evening until I moved some paper from the other side..Tonight I will be able to find the wood part of this computer desk. I’m promising myself that now. I’ll need to get boxes to make up for donation. I already have plastic storage boxes for recipes, genealogy, flower gardening and memories..After I purge them, then I’ll go through them all again and discard what I don’t want to keep. It might seem like I’m handling things more than once but with my ADD, that’s my way. It’s hard to break bad habits when you get into those Sr. Citizens years.

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