What A Week! – The Mini De-Clutter Challenge Wrap-Up

I’m so excited to report to you the major success last week! In case you are new, last week we did a Mini De-Clutter Challenge. You can read more about that HERE. I think the biggest indicator of success for our first Mini De-Clutter Challenge was how people have been begging to do it again already and it just finished Saturday. :)

Seriously, something magical happens when you take a big scary task like de-cluttering your whole house and break it into very manageable parts, and in this case — teeny, tiny parts.

  • First, you realize that small successes feel good and you could tell a difference even removing only 10 items each day.
  • Sometimes small successes propel you into huge successes, and you just can’t help yourself, you end up de-cluttering an entire room.

Here are just a fraction of the responses in our Organizing Facebook Group!!

Mini-De-Clutter Testimonial 1

Mini De-Clutter Challenge Testimonial 2 3 and 4   Mini De-Clutter Challenge Testimonial 5 and 6

One thing is for sure. We will be doing this again soon!! But in the meantime, we are going to switch some things up.

Friday we are starting a new challenge. A Pantry Purge!! Come back for more details!

The Pantry Purge Challenge Jan 17 - Jan 31

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