How To Maintain & Condition Butcher Block Counters (in 5 minutes or less)

How to Maintain and Condition Butcher Block Counters

Butcher block counters are awesome. I especially love mine on my island where I do all of my chopping and prepping. When I selected this kind of counter material, I didn’t just think it would look pretty, I wanted it for its functionality! Admittedly, the first few knife marks were hard to see, but after time and about a zillion more knife marks, I appreciate the loved and used look.

Butcher block is porous. After you cut oranges or tomatoes, you can see the orange or red color for a few days after. When you sit a pineapple on it and the pineapple grows a little mold on the bottom, it will leave a mark on the counter, but even the bad marks start to fade over time.

I plan to use this counter for years to come, so I want to do my part to keep it in great condition. And really, it is too easy, so you might as well.

Step #1: When it is time to condition your wood (you will sense the dryness), give it a good wipe down. Clean it up, but don’t you dare dream about spraying a toxic chemical on this bad boy. Only time brings things out of un-sealed wood. You have to picture whatever you spray will seep in and stick around. I trust my Basic H2 spray for this job.

Step 1 - Maintain and Clean the butcher block with Shaklee Basic H2

 Step #2: Get a good oil meant for wooden kitchen surfaces. I found this at the hardware store. I’ve lived in my house for 2 years and this is the only bottle I’ve had to buy. This part is super easy. You pour some oil on the butcher block and then wipe it around. Ideally use a cloth that doesn’t absorb very well so you can just kind of spread it around.

Step 2 - Rub down butcher block surface with oil and let stand

Step #3: Let the oil stay in the wood. It will nourish it and keep it conditioned and beautiful. Am I crazy to love all these scuffs and knife marks?

I like an aged butcher block surface that shows natural wear and tear from real usage

While I was taking pictures for this blog post, on our 11th snow day (so far) this school year, I had to laugh at the actual scene surrounding me, including the baby and daughter sitting at the counter behind me. I thought for fun I’d show you what my view really looked like …

Behind the scenes of a blog post

And if you want to get some of the Basic H2, which is the same stuff I use to clean my stainless steel, mop, clean my windows, as well as a million other things … shop HERE.

I hope this helps you keep your butcher block counter beautifully maintained and conditioned.

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