My Favorite Baby Things

Mary's Favorite Baby Things

My little Cougar turned 1 last month. I wanted to remember what my favorite baby things were before I forget the details of this stage altogether. I do not get any commission on these items, except if you decided to buy Shaklee’s Basic H. These are just my favorites baby things!

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail – I like this one because it is easy to open and close. Also, I get to use regular kitchen garbage bags. As long as it stays closed, it does a pretty good job at keeping the smell contained!

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Steel Diaper Pail


Aden + Anais Muslin Favorites – I love all of my Aden + Anais baby things, but my favorites are the swaddling blankets and burpy bibs. I mean, amazing!!! My burly bibs were my absolute favorite burp cloths that double as bibs. I only had two and tried my hardest to always keep a clean one.

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Aden and Anais Muslin Favorites


Baby’s First Play Things – I strategically place these things around the house, so that baby can be content and life can go on. I kept one in my bathroom so I can shower and get dressed! (Obviously shower quickly. Ha! Babies don’t last a super long time in anything.) I keep one near the kitchen so I can still prepare meals for everyone else! And then I would move one around with me as I needed to do things like laundry or some house cleaning.

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Baby's First Playthings


Baby Food Pouches and Spoon Attachments – When baby is the youngest of four, chances are mealtimes might happen at a school assembly or while grocery shopping or church or any random place. These pouches and spoons made it so easy to feed baby anywhere, and with practically no mess.

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Food Pouches and Spoon Attachments


Diaper Bag & Stroller Clips & Caddy Stroller Frame – My opinion is you should get a diaper bag you love, because for at least 1 year of your life, that diaper bag will go everywhere with you! I loved my stroller clips that coordinated with my bag, because it easily clipped on and off the stroller. And, please, do yourself a favor and get a stroller frame/ carseat caddy for the first year! It was so light and easy to use. The carseat plopped on and locked into place so easily. So, so easily.

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Diaper Bag and Stroller accessories


Basic H – When I joined Shaklee and lots of my friends were using Basic H to bathe their babies, I honestly thought they were crazy. There was no way I was doing that! Then, I started bathing Cougar in some gentle baby wash from the store and his sweet skin was getting little red marks (my kids all have super sensitive skin!). After encouragement from my Shaklee friends, I decided to give it a try. Now, I’m never going back. His skin is soft and sweet and I don’t even use lotion on him. You can buy some HERE. (Yes, this is also what I clean my house with and mop with, wash my fruits and veggies with, and do almost anything with!)

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Basic H for Baby Soap


Sound Machine – Every Nursery needs a good sound machine! It helps when you don’t have to walk around on egg shells near where the baby is sleeping.

Mary's Favorite Baby Things - Nursery Sound Machine


Well, these are my favorites!! What are your favorite baby things?

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Baby Things

  1. Mary I love your round up of favorite baby things. Some of them are mine too!!! Can you tell me the name of the “Baby’s First Play Things”, the one on the left that looks like a rocker. I would love to buy something like that for my little girl. And I am still trying to wrap my head around using Basic H for bathing….can you talk me into it? My little one has this irritation by her neck in the folds of it and we can’t seem to get rid of it. Maybe Basic H will clear it up. :) Thanks, Jen

    1. Isn’t it kind of sad that life has to go on? But since it must, it is good to figure out some things. I think I’ll need some tips to survive these toddler years, though! Now how do I cook dinner when he is getting into everything?!

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