My Shaklee Business Update

Working hard with Leah

Since I wrote about What I Do All Day last fall, which included an update about my Shaklee business and my promotion to a Shaklee Director, I thought I would make it a point to give an update every once in a while about how things are going. This picture above is of Leah, one of my Shaklee partners, holding my baby boy while we did an event together this past fall. Leah is awesome!

To be honest, this business isn’t really easy. It takes consistent effort and follow-up. I keep my mind centered on WHY I’m doing this, though, and it keeps me going. Plus, getting a nice paycheck every month really helps keep me focused.

We are growing! I’d like to welcome all of my new partners!! We have partners from around the US. Since November, Kristi, Dolores, Renee, and Robin have joined my personal group! They are hard workers and outstanding women. It is so fun to get to know them while we work together and help people!

If you’ve considered starting a home business, I’d like you to consider working with me. You can find out more details and apply to be considered HERE. Once you submit that form, you will gain access to our webinar. A group of Project Dream business leaders, including myself, recorded this webinar together last month. The webinar goes over a lot of details about working with Shaklee. When I receive your application, I will call or email you to discuss more details and answer any questions. Right now I am offering a free Basic H2 sample** (this is Basic H2) just for filling out the application and watching the webinar!

So, I’m sure this is tacky for a million reasons, but I know this is the kind of thing I’m curious about. This was my paycheck last month. Not bad for a home business! I’m already embarrassed that I posted this, but not embarrassed enough to take it down. :)

Jan 2014 Paycheck

Okay, so go HERE and apply. RIGHT NOW!!

I’m really hoping my next business update is about an awesome trip I’m working on earning! More details coming …

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**Sorry! The free samples are only for people with US or US Military address. Thanks for understanding.

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