Tour Cougar’s Nursery

My goal was to finish Cougar’s nursery by his 1st birthday. The sweet baby didn’t even sleep in his room until he was 9 months old. I made my goal within a month, though I’m not sure I’ll ever really feel done. Kids rooms are always a work in progress, because our kids grow and their needs are constantly changing. My goal was to go with a baby-fun look that could grow with him.

Tour Cougars Nursery

My favorite toy storage is out on a shelf. Though there aren’t a ton of toys on this shelf, it can keep him occupied for a long time! Really he just likes to grab toys and crawl around holding them. I love watching him play. (The baby in the center of that picture is not Cougar … finishing the frame contents is on the to do list.)

Cougars Nursery - toy shelf view

This is Brian’s changing table. I used an antique dresser that has been in the family since my grandparents. It is the perfect height for diaper changing. I use the drawers for diapers, extra wipes, blankets, and crib bedding.

Cougars nursery - changing table view

The whole family made this alphabet chart for Cougar’s 1st Birthday present. We took a big canvas, painted it, then glued on letters. I painted some letters white and left some plain wood. After, I sprayed it all with clear spray paint to make sure it was all set. The Winnie the Pooh clock has been in all of my baby’s nurseries.

Cougar's Nursery - abc chart view

This is my favorite corner. I get my best snuggling done right there.  I keep his books handy in the bin in the night table.

Cougars Nursery - rocker view

I really enjoyed creating the artwork for his room. I sewed the pendant banner and made his animal artwork. Decorating crafts are my favorite kind. The step stool in front of the crib is because I am so short! It helps me reach to set him gently in his crib.

Cougars Nursery - crib view

Here is the closet. I keep the doors closed. I probably won’t see it on Pinterest, but it stores all of Cougar’s things in an organized way. :) I labelled the photo so you could see where I store things.

Cougars Nursery - closet view


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I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my home!! Stay tuned … my girls rooms are coming soon!

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  1. You are pretty amazing if I may say so. So open and generous with sharing your ideas and letting us have a little glimpse into your private sanctuary. Thank you

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