Grocery Shopping & Menu Planning Printables

Grocery List and Menu - FREE PRINTABLES IN 4 FORMATS

Planning food for a family is one of our biggest and most time-consuming responsibilities as homemakers. I am all about anything that makes the job as simple and stream-lined as possible!

The way I do my grocery list is a big help to me! I use a form I created that combines a grocery list and menu. The first one below is my favorite, because those stores are very close to my house.  Here is what makes it simple –

  • Print one form, then I write in the things I buy at the grocery store every week: milk, yogurt, bananas, carrots, etc.
  • Next, I make copies of the “already started” grocery list.
  • Each week when it is time to menu plan and create my grocery list, I just grab an “already started” form and fill it in. If I don’t need to buy something already on there, I cross it off.
  • I keep a running list in the kitchen of things we need. I take that list and put it onto my grocery list form before I go to the store.
  • I cut off the menu section of the sheet and post it in my kitchen.

Hello, easy!!

And because I love my readers, I made 4 different forms, so you can choose the one that fits your life!

Option #1: Walmart & Sam’s

Grocery List and Menu - 1

Option #2: Grocery List & Bulk/Specialty Store

Grocery List and Menu - 2

Option #3: Two Grocery Stores

Grocery List and Menu -3

Option #4: One Grocery Store

Grocery List and Menu

Don’t forget to always shop from your own freezer and pantry before making any grocery lists!

There are some groceries I buy for my family that I order from my Shaklee store: vitamins, skin care, laundry detergent, cleaners, body care, protein, sports drinks, and more.  Saves my family a lot of money and headache. :)

I hope these lists save you as much time as they do me, because I think we can all agree: there are so many things we’d rather spend our time doing!

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14 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping & Menu Planning Printables

  1. This is great! It always takes me forever to do my menu/grocery list. I really think this is going to help! Option #1 and #2 fit my lifestyle.

    1. Unsubscribe will be at the bottom of any emails from me. :)

      If you like these grocery forms, could you save off the pdf on your computer after you download it? Or maybe print multiple copies and keep them in your kitchen where you make your grocery list?

      Good luck. :)

  2. Thank you for the forms love anything to help me with the organization battle! Was wondering why you start the menu with Friday instead of Sunday or Monday, may have missed it if you said before. Thank again! – Laurie

    1. Well, in all honesty, if I wrote this blog post today, I’d make the days of the week more universal, but I did this 2.5 years ago and was still learning. :)

      I’ll put this post in my queue to re-do (and the menu sheets are different in the planner), but meanwhile I’ll answer your question – when I wrote this blog post, I grocery shopped on Fridays. :)

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