Mini De-Clutter Challenge (Spring Edition)! One Week & 60 Items.

Mini De-Clutter Challenge

Our last Mini De-Clutter Challenge was such a huge success that we are going for it again!!

Regular De-Cluttering is the best offense against a messy and disorganized house. I’m going to show you that by doing just a little bit each day, you can have amazing results!!

This week’s challenge is a simple one.

  • For six days, find 10 items in your home to get rid of each day.
  • Remove the clutter from the premises by the week’s end.
  • 6 Days. 60 items total. Out of the House. That’s it!

There is so much power in simple tasks! Simple habits repeated consistently over time are more powerful in positively changing the course of our lives than grand gestures achieved occasionally. 

This round of the challenge will begin tomorrow, Monday March 31st and end Saturday April 5th. Join our online group for support. I’ll be throwing a private giveaway in the group for those who participate. :)

Grab a big brown garbage bag and start filling it tomorrow. 10 items each day. It is that easy! If you want to sell it, sell it, just as long as selling it doesn’t become an excuse to keep it around longer. Everything donated and out of the house by end of day Saturday. (If you want to track your donations for tax purposes, HERE is a great resource for that.)

If you don’t think you can find 10 items a day — look at bookshelves, movie storage, closets, kitchen cupboards, the backs of bathroom drawers and cabinets, and your garage. Once you start looking, it will get easier to find.

Have a great week of De-Cluttering!!!

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8 thoughts on “Mini De-Clutter Challenge (Spring Edition)! One Week & 60 Items.

  1. I think we will get rid of 9 things each day (3 for each member of the household). This puts everyone in charge of finding something of theirs to let go (rather than Mom being blamed for it “missing”).

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