My New Love/Obsession: Arc Notebooks!!!

My arc and disc bound haul

Just to be clear, I am not being paid or compensated for this in any way. This is something just too fun not to share!! I have a new love affair and I just want to tell the world.

A few organizing friends of mine are always talking about their arc books or their discbound books. They told me to just go to Staples and check them out for myself. I went: JUST TO LOOK! And then I left with a cart full. I was instantly hooked.

The arc books are a cross between a binder and a notebook. Slender and easy to hold and write in like a notebook, but flexible and adaptable like a binder. As an enthusiast for all things office and school supplies, I feel like I am in heaven. I just keep asking myself why I didn’t find this sooner! I’ve been going around my house looking for everything I can convert.

You want to see what I got so far? A purple leather cover and some accessories. These pens were another recommendation from my friends. I will give a report after I use them more, because I really love my Sharpie pens, so I will be a tough sell on anything else.

Haul part 1

This is the arc system hole punch that can turn any piece of paper into an arc-formatted piece of heaven. And extra discs to change out some of the bindings. I also have a few more ideas for them that are making me wish arc had a pocket hole punch … I’m going to figure this out!

Haul part 2

Here are some more of the cover options I selected. I have uses in mind for all of these! And I want MORE!!

Haul part 3

And more … of course I also picked up some Post-Its, because a girl can never have enough. That lined-big-size is my favorite.

Haul part 4

This brown leather cover will hold my Shaklee presentation notes. I only worry people I meet with will be more interested in the beautiful arc book than my presentation slides. Ha!

Haul part 5

You better believe this will not be the last you hear about my arc books!! I plan to show you all of my arcbooks as I get them setup and organized. Love, love, love. Love.

Now I am using playing with my notebooks as a reward for doing things like putting laundry away. I may need help, because I am so addicted! And I realize this may change your view of me. Before this post, you were probably thinking I was really cool and now you might be questioning that. LOL. I’m a planner nerd and I love it!

Have you discovered discbound books yet?

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30 thoughts on “My New Love/Obsession: Arc Notebooks!!!

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about these notebooks. They sound really interesting. I am a list maker. I “TRY” to get organized but it seems the harder I try the worse I get. I have tried to set up notebooks before and then they get miss placed. I am trying to organize my office right now and I am overwhelmed. Can’t wait for your next post.

    1. Thanks, I’ve been having such a fun time with them, they are actually getting me excited about a few projects I’ve been putting off!

  2. Yes, please share more about these notebooks when you get yours organized. I guess I need to see more of how you use them to figure it all out.

    1. Haha! Well … the professional organizer in me is required to tell you that one thing in, one thing out would apply, even to beautiful, amazing office supplies. I am bidding my binders adieu!

  3. can’t wait to see more pics and how you use them !! I have heard of these notebooks, but don’t know if they would be any better than what I am using, so I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your experiences !!!

  4. I’ve been using a disc notebook for nearly 3 years at work and LOVE it! In fact several others have taken notice and joined the movement! I haven’t given much thought to how to use one at home, but now I am going to give it a try… looks like so much fun!!!

  5. I’m wondering if these would be good for keeping your coupons in the car where you need them. How about recipes? Where did you get them?

  6. I’ve had a discbound notebook for several years now. I LOVE them. I’ve ordered mine from Levenger, where you can get a mini sized punch and take on the go with you. In fact, that’s the only punch I have! Check out their website for more fun discbound stuff!

  7. I absolutely love my arc notebook! I plan to get more eventually. This post has some serious eye candy, lol!

  8. If you ever decide to sell the Martha Stewart junior and letter size blue notebooks I’d love to buy them! :) thanks

  9. I have two of these arc books and plan on getting more I use one to keep my financial stuff together and I punch holes in my bills and receipt and keep them together at the end of the year they go in a folder and get stored with our tax stuff and the other I use for my Faith book as I call it I keep all my prayers, bible studies, sermon notes, memory verses and books/music I plan to buy/download that goes along with my faith I also have a place where I keep my praises in there too. These are awesome.

    1. When I wrote this post, little did I know I’d be opening my planner store and featuring discbound notebooks. I always dreamed of sharing my planners, but quickly converted the idea to mostly discbound after realizing how much I loved the system!

  10. I love love the ARC notebooks and my favorite is the mini notebook. But i immediately noticed that there were no other neat refills except for the lined paper. Once I figured out how to punch 5 holes only with my Levenger 1-2-3 punch I was able to set up my little planner to include monthly calendars, an “I Love” section with pictures, smaller cute paper for grocery lists, jotting down ideas or addresses as I’m out and about etc., refill paper for my daily “To Do Lists”, and ending with 2 small envelopes. It holds stamps while the other bigger envelope holds coupons, lotto tickets, and receipts. This smaller version works for me and fits in my purse nicely. I have a separate spiral book (mini) for my daily journal entries.

    1. I’ve thought about getting the mini’s but I hadn’t thought how to use them. I love the junior for my planner size, though. It is the best!

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