Tour My Little Girl’s Room

Tour My Little Girls Room

I had so much fun showing you my twin girls’ room last week that I thought I would show you my other little girl’s room. And I told you in the other tour that I want to show you my authentic life, so I thought you’d enjoy seeing my little Izzy’s Room exactly as I found it while she was at school.

I came up to take advantage of the afternoon light and I enjoyed seeing all of the 6 year old “touches”, I didn’t want to mess that up!

First of all, notice how there is writing and stickers all over furniture and walls? Yeah, I don’t know how to get that to stop. I’ve gone over it with her a million times that writing and stickers are for paper, but the lesson just never sticks. So by now, I just find it an endearing little quirk. Izzy is my little mini-me and I love how her brain works. She works so hard to keep her room clean. Several times I will come and re-organize something or move the furniture and she just moves it right where she wants it. She even told me exactly where she wanted the stuff on the wall. I know her independent streak will be an amazing attribute when she is a grown woman. :)

Izzys Room Tour Picture 1

I tried to put her table by the wall, but she likes it in the middle of the floor. She often drapes blankets on top of it as a “tablecloth”. Her purple bean bag goes in the playroom, but she always drags it right back here.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 2

She took a chair from a different closet and put it by her night table to create her own desk.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 3

She asks if her baby brother can come play in her room. She calls it her “fun play house for babies”. When he plays in here with her, she puts a sign on the door labeling her play house open for business. Of course, baby goes straight to the kitchen set and pulls everything out. She is so sweet to invite hime to play and then clean up after him!

Izzys Room Tour Picture 4

Isabelle painted her name board a few years ago. I love using her own art work as decor! I made her twin quilt when I was expecting her instead of a baby blanket. Some sweet ladies from church did the hand-quilting for me after I pieced it together.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 5

She is extremely picky about what goes on her art clips.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 6

My favorite thing on there is this “Routine” (aka routen) that she made for stuffed animal. “Eat Befest”. Be still my heart.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 7

Her room just makes me happy.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 8

I like short dressers for kids rooms so that they can reach everything themselves.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 9

Here is her walk-in closet. I think she keeps this pretty organized for a 6-year-old!

Izzys Room Tour Picture 10

She helped me pick out containers for her Lala Loopsy and My Little Pony Christmas presents. Before I had the chance to label them, she created her own labels from her notebook and just taped them on. She just has a natural love for order!

Izzys Room Tour Picture 11

This is where she likes these containers in this room.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 12

She has put her mark on every corner of the room.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 14

She put her markers in this basket and always has a notebook handy.

Izzys Room Tour Picture 15

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

Izzys Room Tour Picture 13

Now you’ve seen the rooms of my Four kids.

This week, during our spring break, I’m going to be going through all of the drawers in my kids rooms with them. Pray for me. lol.

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10 thoughts on “Tour My Little Girl’s Room

  1. Mary, thank you so much for showing your girl’s room, is so delightful. You put so much love in being an organized mommy, your girl has the spirit too. Congratulations!

  2. I love the little shelf in the corner! I think I saw one in the older girls room also. Where did you find that? I’d love to find one for my little girl.

    1. That little shelf came from Amazon years ago (I mean, at least 7, I think). I’ve gotten rid of all the little shelves now, the end of an era. ;)

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