Tour My Twin Girls’ Room

Tour My Twins Room

Confession: I’ve really drug my feet showing you my twins’ room. I finished the room for their 7th birthday. They are 8 1/2. So yeah. I think there were lots of reasons I was taking my time and all of them were MENTAL. I love it and my kids love it, but it is a pretty normal kids room. A million blogs have killer designer kids rooms that inspire me and then for some reason I was intimidated to show the world my kids’ bedrooms. I let my kids keep their knick-knacks on the dresser and not keep their shelves perfect at all times. I’m more than okay with their room, like I said, I love it and they love it, but it just hasn’t felt blog-worthy. But, recently I’ve done some thinking about “blog-worthy”. What does that even mean? I’m going to start a new effort of showing you my real home, which I try hard to keep organized and make beautiful, but it isn’t perfect and it is my taste more than it is trendy.

Okay, end awkward emotional rant. Let’s get down to business and check out my girls room. I LOVE color!! Bright, happy color!

Welcome in! This room is shared by my adorable 8-year-old identical twin girls. This is a happy place they love to hang in. I can often find them reading on their beds (sometimes after they were supposed to turn off their lights) or building Legos or just playing.

Welcome to my twins room

To me, the most important space in a kids room is the space that doesn’t have anything at all, because that is where the magic happens. That is where kids play! I love having a big open floor space for my girls!

The most important part of any kids room is the empty space for kids to play

We opted for two separate twin beds instead of bunk beds. Just a personal preference since there was space in the room for two beds. The girls painted their name boards. You can read about that HERE.

When I was making choices for their room - my theme was bright and happy

Each twin has her own dresser for clothes and night stand for personal things.

Cute little night stand that matches her dresser - antique and refinished

A little shelf divides their beds with their alarm clock on top. That alarm clock was one of the best purchases of all time!

The divide between the beds

The other night stand.

This nightstand matches her dresser too - I love their antique dressers

Here is the side of the room opposite the window.

The other side of the room

I created a lot of the wall art myself, but I bought some from the store, like the butterfly.

Be yourself because everyone else is taken

Here is the side of the room opposite the beds. I always wanted my girls to have purple walls with bead board. I’ve dreamt that for them since they were babies and I made their nurseries. I was so happy to finally be able to do it. Good coincidence that my girls like it too.

The other side of their bedroom

The closet that they share.

The Twins Closet

They are starting a Lego Collection! They are becoming quite the fans!

The start of their Lego Collection

This is the blue dresser that goes with the blue night stand. I decided to do pink chevron curtains in their room. Bright and happy!

Blue dresser and pink chevron curtain

Happy, happy, happy!

Just a normal kids room with random stuff all over the dresser

Here is a little closer view of the wall art!

Wall Art in the Twins Room

I created a high resolution printable download just for you! I let you download it HERE. I lost the file from the printable I used in the girls room when I switched computers, but I like the new one better that I let you download. I think I might get it printed and replace the one in their room!

Be Yourself

This project was so fun and easy!! 3 simple steps. Paint yard sticks and clothes pins. Attach the clothes pins with hot glue.  I attached to the wall with 3M strips. Easy and functional!

Kids Art Hanging Stick

Here is the simple way I contain my girls stuffed animal collection. They each have a clothes basket for their favorite stuffed friends.

Stuffed Animal Storage in a clothes basket

The clutter is contained!

Clothes Baskets make easy stuffed animal storage

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tour My Twins Room

What do you think? I’ve shown you my son’s nursery HERE too. Do you want to see my other daughter’s room? I’m thinking about it. :)

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32 thoughts on “Tour My Twin Girls’ Room

  1. I LOVE their room! So adorable! I love when people post pictures of “normal” rooms. I think most people have just normal, but we are bombarded with pinteresty stuff too much to notice!

  2. I love it, I love the headboards. The yard sticks and clothes pins is a great idea. I think I will fo that project with my daughter. This is a room that kids can be kids in.

  3. Hi Mary-I love what you’ve done with your girls’ room! What a great idea to put the stuffed animals in colorful baskets at the foot of each bed. I have struggled to find a solution to stuffed animals that are loved and slept with, but look so messy strewn about the bed. Great job as always! Thank you for opening your home for inspiration.

  4. I LOVE authentic people. Can’t please all of the people all of the time. Glad you are taking your own advice and are ‘being yourself’. All of your rooms are great to me.

  5. Love your ideas! I do have a suggestion for the Lego collection. When my older sons started their collection, it was a challenge to get them all picked up. What I did was use the big open space where they would play and put down a big old sheet. When they were finished playing we would all grab a corner, pull it together, and put the whole sheet with the Legos still in the sheet in to the bin. Of course, they would keep their special creations that they made out, then put them on top of the sheet in the bin, and then put the lid on. It saved so much time and my vacuum did not suck any up!

  6. Love this room. My girls share a room and it’s a disaster most of the time. Thankfully they are getting separate rooms soon and it will be easier for me to organize their stuff (I hope). Love the blue dresser…my daughter wants her painted blue too!

  7. You have done a wonderful job! The girls bedrooms are adorable. I wish they were in my house! Where did you get the middle nightstand/bookshelf from? Looks perfect!

  8. LOVE your idea for the art work clips! I’ve been looking for a solution, tried several, & failed. Those yard sticks are amazing! Thank you!

  9. Mary-I have twin girls-now 16!!! I always loved doing their room. AS they grew it became more challenging as they have VERY different personalities. Congrats for sharing.

    1. Thank you! My girls have such different personalities too, but a lot of similar interests. We’ll see how the room changes over time. Hopefully they will be okay as long as they have some space that can be all their own.

  10. What I love best about your blog is that your rooms, ideas, and pictures are all real. If someone “organizes” a space, but has taken away 1/2 the stuff that goes there in order to do it, that’s a completely unrealistic and ultimately discouraging post for the readers. Keep doing real-life photos and posts. I love it. It encourages me to keep trying in my own spaces with my own styles.

    PS. I was reading this post because I’m still working on the 2015 declutter challenge. I got stuck for awhile in laundry, but I will finish before I move in 12 days! It’s your pictures that motivate me to keep going. I want my house to look as comfortable and inviting as yours, just with different colors:).

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