2 Years of Crazy-Awesome

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning

Dreaming is my favorite kind of planning! Yours too?

Last week I celebrated a pretty big milestone. I have been in business for two years. Two years ago, I started three businesses in the same week. I started an organizing business, a Shaklee business, and a blog. Here I am, still loving that decision. I’m so glad I didn’t make myself just choose one!

If you’ve heard my story before, forgive me, because I want to tell it again. Things are about to get personal … :)

Probably because my brothers and I are all so close in age, I thought that was the best thing to do and wanted to have my children all close together so they’d grow up together. I got my wish with my girls, and then when Izzy was a few years old, I was ready to try again for number four. Matt and I had always wanted four kids! The problem is, as I had my twins, Allison and Michelle, then Isabelle less than two years later, my health was in a major downward spiral. So by the end of 2009 when I wanted another baby, my body disagreed. For almost 3 years, my body disagreed. Fast forward through some of the hardest years of my life: infertility, depression, terrible health, and just a general feeling of “ugh”.

It was February of 2012. Matt and I made the extremely painful decision to quit fertility treatments and try to move on. We stopped talking about saving a room in the house for a baby and planning a Disney trip around a hopeful baby. We embraced the family we had with our three little girls. It was one of the hardest things we’ve done and I cry just thinking about it.

I honestly started my businesses as a diversion for my thoughts and time. My youngest, Isabelle, was registering for kindergarten and all my kids were about to be in school. I was a mess. At the time, I didn’t even really expect to make money from the businesses, I mean I thought I might earn enough money to buy myself a new purse every once in a while. :) So, in March of 2012, I posted my first blog post on this blog and booked my first organizing job. That month, I think my mom and dad were my first and only Shaklee customers.

In May of 2012, I was feeling in a groove with my businesses. Everything felt so promising. People were hiring me to organize and I loved it like I thought I would. I wasn’t really selling Shaklee, but I was using the products myself and feeling good! A few hundred people were reading my blog every day!  The positivity was leaking into my family life. I was feeling happy. I was enjoying family time more. Depression was losing its hold on me. It was a good time! Then, I received the shock of a lifetime near the end of the month. I was pregnant. I was pregnant!!!!!!

It is amazing to look back and see God’s hand in all of it, even the trials. In hindsight, I see the divine timing. I feel strongly that God was waiting for things to click into place and waiting for me to find my other calling (motherhood being my first calling). If I had gotten pregnant when I wanted, I would have put off taking care of myself even longer.

Life with little Cougar is amazing. He was worth every minute of the wait. Never has a baby been more loved. His three sisters adore him! His parents adore him! And my life has a balance that it was missing before. I know every woman has a different life and different needs, and I feel so free this time around to do what really works for my family. Things are flowing in a way they never have before. Maybe this is the whole “coming into your own” thing people talk about happening. Maybe it is because after 30-something years I’m starting to figure stuff out! Life is good. I’m learning how to really be happy.

Every time I think I could simplify by cutting out one of my businesses or stopping them altogether, I get a strong gut feeling that I shouldn’t. This messy, chaotic life of raising four kids, loving a great husband, and running three businesses is just the life I was meant to live.

Two years ago I made a great decision. It has changed the rest of my life for the better. God’s timing is the best, always.

So, happy TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!!!!! {And congrats, Mom and Dad, for consistently taking your Shaklee vitamins for two years!!}

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14 thoughts on “2 Years of Crazy-Awesome

  1. I am so glad you started your blog. I love it and it inspires me to get my house organized and as you know I love Shaklee products. I always look forward to reading you blog posts you have so many great tips. Have a great day!

  2. Congrats on everything, Mary. Today I needed to hear that God’s timing is the best timing, because its a daily struggle to understand that when you’re living in that “waiting on the Lord” scenario.

  3. OMG…..I cant believe how moving this was for me to read it, WHAT AN INSPIRATION!!!!! I truly love your messages everyday, but this one really got me. I’m sooo very HAPPY that things worked out well for you & your family. I really believe in trying to stay positive and being a great role model for people and you have done that for people if not before but through this message. You just NEVER know what’s going on with your neighbor. I also believe that things happen for a reason and when they should. Thank you very much Mary for sharing your great ideas and memories with us everyday. And I really believe you have many more years doing what you love. I look forward to watching your business’ grow and I cant wait to hear what you have up your sleeve to make my life easier through organization my home and family. I hope you have a great rest of your day!!


  4. What an amazing story! It’s incredible how when we put things in God’s hands, He takes care of them according to HIS plan, not ours. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary, and here’s to many more! <3

  5. Congratulations!

    I love reading your blog even if I don’t comment much. By the way, I live in Dubai, UAE so your blog definitely hits an international audience. :)

  6. My sweet daughter. I continue to be amazed by you. You have been a joy in my life since before you were born. Much love, mom xoxo
    p.s. and the Shaklee vitamins are wonderful

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