Collage Wall – REVEAL!!!

A Colorful Collage

Well, it might not be everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love it. Every time I walk past it or see it, I get a little jolt of happiness. Beautiful things sing to me. Happy. Colorful. Pictures of my favorite people. Just right to me.

Here are the links to all the posts about this wall –

Here are pics of My Favorite Wall –

My new view of the once boring wall - I love it I put the frames out without filling out all the pictures ... I just needed the project completed to that point After the pictures and matting are done - all good My Favorite Wall - A colorful Collage

Do you have a collage wall? Are you going to make one? They are so much fun!!

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8 thoughts on “Collage Wall – REVEAL!!!

  1. I have (had, Gkids have got it) but it was all in black frames. I love all the color in yours!!! And I haven’t updated it since grands, so I’m adding this to my to-do list!!!

  2. I hate leaving negative comments :( but you want to hear what we think, right? It would look more elegant if the frames were unified in colour. There is nothing the same about any of them. They are different sizes shapes and styles. Spray painting them all the same colour would make the collection just that, instead of just a wall of photos. Jmho

    1. Friendly comments are welcome, even if they have a different opinion. Sounds like you and I have different style preferences. I was going for a colorful, eclectic look, so all different sizes and shapes and styles was what I was shooting for. :)

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