Earth Day 2014

We were driving home the other day and drove past our neighborhood park. I’m not exactly sure why, but one of my girls asked “when is the next time we are going to clean up the park?” Her question made me so proud. My kids are learning how to take care of our planet. Right now we focus on their responsibility to not litter, recycle everything possible, and to spend their money responsibly (yes, I consider that related!).

Every year we celebrate Earth Day by visiting our local park and cleaning up trash. The kids LOVE this tradition. We actually started the tradition park cleanup tradition a few years ago at the request of my daughter Allison.

THIS POST was actually one of the first posts I wrote a few years ago on this blog. It talks all about Allison’s Challenge.

Allisons Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day has always been something I’ve featured on this blog. Check out this post for lots of ideas on how to Organize & Save the Planet.

Organize and save the planet

I am also so grateful to work with Shaklee, a company committed to the health of the planet and the people living on it. They were green when it was just a color. :)

Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

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