New Landscape!!!! (Before Photos)

After 2.5 years in this house, I finally convinced my husband to agree to re-doing our landscape. Notice how I never show you the front of my house? Yeah, because I don’t like my landscape! Ha! (Okay, probably just because the subject never came up, but you get the point.)

The landscape artists are in the middle of working on it right now. I can’t even tell you how much happiness this project gives me. I can look out the front window from my desk. I’m so excited to look out to see something beautiful very soon!

Here are some pictures of the “before”.

my ugly landscape before 1 my ugly landscape before 2 my ugly landscape before 3 my ugly landscape before 4 my ugly landscape before 5 my ugly landscape before 6

This wreath, however, is not ugly. It was actually custom-made by my local artistic friend Christin. She just started a blog that I’m so excited to read! Check out Three Little Pumpkins.

burlap wreath

Come back soon to see THE AMAZINGNESS!!!! (Well, it isn’t done yet, so I’m being optimistic. It is fun being optimistic.)

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10 thoughts on “New Landscape!!!! (Before Photos)

  1. I can’t wait to see the after pictures! I love that wreath, is it chalkboard in the middle? What a great idea!! How perfect is that for nap time, a note to a delivery person, I can think of tons of ideas to write on it, that’s brilliant! :)

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