Spring Mini De-Clutter: Get Rid of NICE THINGS!!

Mini De-Clutter Challenge

Today is the final day of our Spring edition of the Mini De-Clutter Challenge: 60 things in 6 days. It is so awesome to read and see the pictures of people participating in our Facebook Group. I feel so inspired!!

I’ve been slowly working on gutting and organizing my guest/craft room over the last few months. The process has been so cathartic. I’ve really enjoyed myself. This challenge was exactly what I needed, however, to push myself over the edge to get rid of the last of the clutter!!

Thursday I made a large drop-off at my Mothers of Multiples Club consignment sale. We are a non-profit club and the proceeds from our sale go to support families with multiples in our community, and we make donations to local groups who serve children and families. Participating in this sale is something I do twice a year and I love the time with my fellow club members/friends, but I also love getting rid of so much stuff!!!

I also have an even bigger pile of stuff that I am taking to donate today. It makes it so much easier to get rid of nice things when I imagine someone feeling like they “scored” shopping at the thrift shop. Yes, sometimes I actually stop and visualize the young mom feeling blessed to find such a cute baby outfit while she shops at the thrift shop. Visualizing the people benefited by my donations really helps inspire me.

Have you noticed how much harder it can be to get rid of the nice things, the things that still have a lot of life left in them? If you really think about it, it is so backward to hold onto nice things we don’t use!!! As they sit in our homes, they get older and more obsolete, possibly broken or ruined while we wait to dream up a use for them. We hold on to them and it sucks all the life out of them.

Turn your thoughts around: donate nice things and let them be used!! If you had a friend or neighbor that needed something from you, my guess is you’d probably give them the shirt off your back. I think most of us would. We have friends and neighbors that we don’t know, who need our stuff, but they don’t know us to be able to ask. Your donations bless them. Give them your nice things by donating them to local thrift shops and non-profits in your area!!!

What’s in it for you?

Good feelings: It is an adrenalin rush to bless someone else. It FEELS good!

Money: Instant cash if you sell your used items. Cash on your next tax return or owe less money with income deductions from donations. (Read about Donation Station HERE.)

Space: You don’t need to feel claustrophobic in your own home. Get rid of stuff you don’t need and get some space!

Freedom: Now you can do whatever you want with the empty space in your home and with the extra cash. You have an empty canvas to create the life you want.

Here is my big donation pile from this week!! It needs to come off the treadmill (because I need to get on that treadmill). Goodbye, unused items!

Donate donate donate

What did you get rid of this week? Show and tell me!


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12 thoughts on “Spring Mini De-Clutter: Get Rid of NICE THINGS!!

  1. I do donate nice things but I often feel bad about it. The fact that I purchased something that we didn’t really use. I love your philosophy of picturing someone else enjoying it. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Mary,

    This is the best reason I’ve ever heard for giving away things — to bless others. Thank you for this heartwarming, inspiring, loving message.


  3. I take stuff to a place that has a thrift store and they like to feel they serve the working poor, and the sales from the thrift store help support the health clinic and the soon to open dental clinic, all staffed by volunteers. Any expenses they incur for those clinics come from donations and sales at the thrift store. Totally awesome. Feels good to support something like that with my “stuff!”

  4. In my decluttering journey I’ve been making donations to the local domestic violence women’s shelter. They not only provide shelter for women and children in danger but they also help them set up house with the basics because so often they leave with only the clothes they’re wearing and have to start from scratch. So far I’ve donated a stack of linen and unopened bathroom products…you know the gifts that never get opened or the hair product that was used once but didn’t like. I also have a couple of dinner sets and will probably have lots more kitchen stuff after next week.

      1. I agree! Those women will feel much more confident in current clothing styles! I think I will donate my closet de-cluttering pile to the women’s shelter. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Excellent points! I found in trying to “give value” to the nice things I make a deal with myself. For clothes in particular, I bring them to a local consignment shop and whatever they do not buy I immediately drop off at a Goodwill or Salvation Army. I feel it’s win-win. I may only get $10 but it meant I was able to mentally and emotionally part with the item. I am passing this on to my children and they are more willing to pass on the toys they don’t play with also and they understand that if it doesn’t sell, we donate it to other children who do not have as many toys as we do. They agree – as long as they get the money.

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