The Love Home Challenge (13 Weeks, 13 Projects): Coming Soon!!!

The Love Home Challenge - teaser

Do you love your home? Were you excited to move in, but now you want to move out? In my experience, the best way to stay happy with your home is to keep it up. It is easier to love a home that is cared for! This new challenge is a 91 Day Challenge to fall in love with your home again! For 13 weeks, we will move around to different areas of your home and complete projects that fix those little things that bother us or breathe new life into a stagnant room.

I’m going to assign a focus area, but you get to pick the project! How awesome is that? Each week, when I present the new focus area, I will offer ideas and suggestions, but you get to pick an organizing or decorating project that fits your home and life. Use our Facebook Group (Join HERE) for accountability, ideas, support, and to check out what other people are doing.

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The fun starts next week, May 4th! The blog post with details about the focus area will publish every Sunday evening, so you can read and make plans to work your project into the coming week. One of my most important habits is my weekly planning session I do on Sunday evenings. I reflect on the past week, and make goals and plans for the coming week. 

Don’t forget to have fun with this!!!!!!!! These projects are not spring cleaning or de-cluttering, these are fun organizing and decorating projects. Things you WANT to do!!!

The Love Your Home Challenge - Focus Areas

You know I love Blog Challenges, which to me is just a fancy way of saying “a whole bunch of us are working on the same things to motivate and support each other through the process”. My first blog challenge, De-Clutter Your Home in 91 Days, was last fall and a huge success. So many of us worked simultaneously in our own homes clearing out the junk. The success stories of that challenge helped me understand the amazing potential these challenges could have to help people, including myself. The motivation and encouragement I feel from you inspires me! Even though I may write a blog about organizing, I am just a regular mom trying to take care of my family and home, so I pick challenges that I need too!! Like the Mini De-Clutter Challenges we did January and April, or the Dreaming-of-Spring Cleaning Challenge in February and March … all things I needed too! This challenge is no exception and I am so excited to get started with you!!

Let’s all Fall in Love with our homes again, together!

Will you join us?

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22 thoughts on “The Love Home Challenge (13 Weeks, 13 Projects): Coming Soon!!!

    1. I’m away at a blogging conference this week, and I check each profile for our Facebook group. Thanks for being patient! I’ll go look for your name. :)

  1. A weekly planning session is a blogging habit I really need to adopt! I’m looking forward to this, and starting to line up those projects. A few things leap right out at me.

  2. I am excited about the challenge as well. Thank you for organizing it, Mary ! I still haven’t quite decided what little projects I will do in the kitchen this week, but I did begin the Weekly Cleaning Routine today as suggested in a post you wrote a while back. Today is bathroom day ! It will be very nice to feel a bit more organized at home.

    1. You are welcome to join but will miss some of the support. Just be sure to checkin weekly and comment! Encourage people around you to do it too, so you can create a support system!

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