Decorate With Meaning

Decorate with Meaning

There is one room in my house where I battle negative self-talk the most. That place is in my bathroom, where I see myself daily at “my finest”. I wanted to put some kind of artwork up on the wall that would be the most powerful daily reminder to be grateful for my body, despite all the imperfections. There are lots of imperfections.

Our thoughts as we start our day can be the most important. We set the tone of our day and our mental direction. It can be hard to go forward with confidence after you’ve spent 20 minutes mentally complaining about yourself in the mirror.

Here is the wall before I added anything –

The blank wall next to my bathroom sink

I chose to display pictures of myself with my four newborn babies as the meaningful artwork that I will see to start and end every day. These pictures remind me of the history that shaped me, that gave me stretch marks and c-section scars. They remind me that my body has given me the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. How can I abuse and belittle the very vessel that carried these babies into the world?

My first delivery was a twin delivery. My first twin born was NOT by c-section, then a few hours-ish later my second twin was born via emergency c-section. It was a pretty traumatic ordeal that luckily ended with two healthy babies. My stomach that had grown circus-attraction-large to carry two babies in my short frame looked like some kind of alien blob after those babies were born. And two more pregnancies following didn’t help things. If you don’t think “alien blob” is descriptive enough, I have lots more descriptions ready. I’ll spare you, though.

These pictures remind me to look at the alien blob with a different perspective. Most days I need a different perspective about it.

Pictures of all those moments when I first held my babies

Somehow these pictures don’t just remind me to be grateful, but they also remind me to take care of my body, so I can feel good and take care of these four miracles. I tell my kids all the time: take care of the things you’re grateful for. 

Decoration that is a daily reminder to be grateful for my body

Sometimes I decorate to add beauty, sometimes I decorate to add function, and sometimes I decorate to add meaning.

Do you have any daily rituals that help you keep a positive outlook? What is your favorite inspiration to decorate?

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22 thoughts on “Decorate With Meaning

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post… I look to the sky whenever I need an attitude adjustment… Rain or shine it’s a constant reminder of how much we are truly loved by our Heavenly Father & our brother & Savior, Jesus Christ. There is so much in life to be thankful for… And like you my family tops the list every time.

  2. Love this. Maybe I should put a newborn pic near my closet (where I battle my body demons!). Consider me inspired.

  3. Every pound put on by birthing children, running a home & family, working, helping others, etc. is a badge of honor!! You have a very honest, sincere, and loving face Mary. I say this as a grandmother who has finally learned this, and wished I had known years ago!

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