Easy Silhouettes

A few years ago, I made silhouettes of my three girls. It was a little bittersweet for me. I had always wanted to make silhouettes of them, but was waiting for our family to be complete. After we had decided to stop all fertility treatments, I went full steam ahead on this project. Little did I know that I was actually pregnant while I made them!

Easy Tutorial for Antiqued Silhouette Boards - super easy!!

But now I have this guy that is everything I could ever hope for in a baby boy!

My Little Love Bug

It is time for his silhouette to be included with his sisters.

If you want to see how I made the painted ones, please see THIS POST. I did something a little different for Cougar’s silhouette.

I started the same way using my laptop as a light box and created a silhouette on black scrap paper by tracing the cut out. Easy easy. I had to interpret his hair a bit, because Matt did not want me to include the girls. He rarely has a strong opinion on our home projects, so I gave in. I have enough evidence of his delicious curls (that are about to be chopped off!).

Use the laptop as a light box

Instead of painting, I decided to try these Minwax stain wipes that I got in a gift bag at SNAP Conference. They were super easy to use. This board only used one wipe and it dried while I went to eat lunch.

I used these Minwax cloths for super easy staining

Then I mod-podged the paper onto the board. THAT IS IT!!

Applying mod podge to attach the silhouette

And I love how it looks. LOVE, love, love how it looks.

I love how my little boys silhouette looks a little different from my girls

The silhouettes of my four little people

The silhouettes add a personal touch

Make an easy and beautiful silhouette in about an hour

What do you think? Have you decorated with silhouettes yet?

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