It all started with cleaning my sink …

Once upon a time last February, I cleaned my kitchen sink. It had gotten really bad and I hadn’t cleaned it in a long time. When I went to clean it, I thought, “hey, let’s record this and put it on the blog”. I had no idea all the events that would be set in motion because of one little blog post!

That post is probably my favorite post ever that featured a Shaklee product. First of all, it was the first time readers I didn’t know bought Shaklee products from me. That was seriously exciting. I mean really exciting.

Also, a few months later a lady named Kristi would see that post and remember how her family had used Shaklee as a child. September of last year, Kristi emailed me. In November, Kristi decided to join me and start her business. Last weekend I travelled to Chicago (and Kristi travelled from Texas to Chicago) and we met for the first time in person. After talking on the phone a lot, I felt like I already knew her, but it was so awesome to meet in person! We met with 20+ of our big Shaklee team and had a fantastic weekend of business training.

Kristi and Mary take Chicago

Saturday night, the large group gathered in Bonnie’s living room. We went around and each told our story of what had brought us there and our “why” for doing our business. I had tears in my eyes while Kristi shared her story.  Kristi is amazing. I was overcome by the honor of working with someone like her. Kristi is a single mom to a fantastic thirteen-year-old, Laurel. Kristi is absolutely rocking her business and working to provide a better life for her and her daughter. She has big plans for helping other single moms and women! She is such a resource to her community!!

party at Bonnies house

Chicago Regionals with Kristi and Erin

I feel truly blessed to work with amazing people from all over the United States. While we were eating pizza and having fun at Bonnie’s house, Erin turned to me and said “can you believe we get paid to do this?”

I am sooooo glad I decided to clean my sink last February, and even more happy that I decided to share it on the blog. It was really hard for me to step outside of my comfort zone way back then, but growth rarely comes in the comfort zone.

If you’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a business, I’d love to talk to you about it. Just email me at  mary[at] and we can talk.

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6 thoughts on “It all started with cleaning my sink …

  1. Mary ~ I am truly honored to be a part of your team!! You inspire me everyday and I love having you as a friend, mentor and business partner.

    To all those reading this post – if you have ever thought of a home business – Mary is the partner you want to take this journey with. I encourage you to at least get the details to see if this is for you. Make money while getting healthy and sharing with others….. seriously it is that simple!!

  2. I’m impressed- you didn’t have to use gloves. I know… it’s non toxic. But even when I use baking soda- it dries out my scrubbin’ fingers. lol Definitely thinking more about the products because I’m so tired of feeling like crap after I clean because of the fumes. So I stop using the stinky caustic cleaners and am left with little or no alternative to get something truly clean. UGH!!! I just always thought with companies like Shaklee, I would be pressured and feel obligated to sell or hold parties in my home and that’s really not my thing. Seriously, I’m not willing to just give it a try- it’s not my thing. I don’t want to sell it. Honestly- it used to be the price that turned me off. But I’m now at the point where I can appreciate the quality of a good product and I know a lot of Shaklee products are concentrated and have waaay more multi-purpose features than the my “cheap but not so cheap when you really add it up” a la carte one purpse type stinky cleaners. Is there a kit I can purchase that would give me a taste (not literally) ;) of the cleaners? Mainly kitchen and bathroom and everyday stuff. I have quartz counters and like to wipe them down daily.

    Oh and the baby… adorable!!! <3 <3

  3. I am definitely trying this. I love using natural products, especially with young children in the home. I feel like I can clean and not worry about them breathing in harmful fumes or getting it on my clothes in case I have to pick up the baby. Plus, I love saving my hubby’s hard earned money :) Thanks so much for sharing!!! God bless!

    1. Yes, using products that are safe to use WITH my kids makes such a difference. I don’t want to have to shew them away every time I need to clean something … because that would be almost all of my waking hours with 4 kids. Ha!

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