Kids’ Spaces!! {The Love Home Challenge: Week 2}

Week 2 - Kid Space -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome to Week #2 of The Love Home Challenge! This week we are focusing on our Kids Spaces. Surprise your kids or let them help you.

Are you just joining us and wondering what this Challenge is all about? Get the details HERE. You get to decide the project, and how much effort it will take. I hope you’ll let me know what you’re up to by commenting here or joining our Facebook group to show off your projects! This challenge is about getting the decorating and organizing projects done that have been on your mind, so you can fall in love with your home again!

This week I will be putting the finishing touches on organizing my girls’ books. They are now into chapter books instead of the shorter books, and that means a different way of organizing their shelves. I will show you this week how I keep the little chapter books from slipping and sliding all over the shelves!

And of course, I’m also going to be switching over my kids clothes from winter to spring/summer. Always a fun chore. See how I make the fun tolerable HERE.

Here are some tours I’ve shown of my kids’ rooms.

What will you work on? Here are some posts I’ve written that might give you a few ideas:

Keeping our kids’ spaces organized and cheerful is an important gift we give them. This is something you’ve probably heard me go on and on about. My four kids give me lots of blog inspiration. Ha!

If your kids spaces are always a mess, read these –

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With a million options, it may be hard to choose one project! What will do this week?

Be sure to stop by the link-up party to see what projects others are doing! The Love Home Challenge Project Link-up

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12 thoughts on “Kids’ Spaces!! {The Love Home Challenge: Week 2}

  1. We just tackled our kid’s rooms. Having them organized has prevented lots hours of deep cleaning. Having things organized makes such a difference!

  2. I’m behind on the challenge because I stumbled across it after it started. I don’t have kids, so for this challenge I decide to focus on my dining room. I’ve lived in my house a year next week and I have yet to put up pictures on the walls in the dining room (though it was one of the more complete rooms in my current home). Done! I’m so happy, and it took a lot less time than I thought it would. Why did I put it off so long?!? Thank you! I’m a happy girl now.

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