Kitchen Time!! {The Love Home Challenge: Week 1}

Week 1 - Kitchen Area -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

I am so excited to finally start The Love Home Challenge! I can feel a palpable energy pushing us all a little harder when we know there is a community of people all working on the same thing. Go us!

Are you just joining us and wondering what this Challenge is all about? Get the details HERE. You get to decide the project, and how much effort it will take. I hope you’ll let me know what you’re up to by commenting here or joining our Facebook group to show off your projects!

So, what do I mean by project? I mean any organizing or decorating project that will make an impact, big or small, to how much you enjoy being in your kitchen. There are just so many options!! Have fun with this!!

I am working on organizing my recipes this week! I can not wait to finish this project. This has been on my to do list for 2 years (no joke), but it always gets pushed back when something more urgent comes up. Focusing on my kitchen area this week is just the focus I need to finally get this project done! I think it will be a lot more fun to cook when I can easily find my favorite recipes, not to mention clean up the binder with papers spilling out that I’m constantly fighting with every time I cook. Plus, you know my cookbook is totally going to be discbound, since I can’t help myself. Don’t worry, I will share!

Here are some ideas:

  • Tour my Kitchen. (See my kitchen HERE.)
  • Organize a spice drawer. (See my spice drawer HERE.)
  • Cleanup your leftover containers. (See how HERE.)
  • Organize your batteries. (Easy way HERE.)
  • Condition your butcher block. (See how HERE.)
  • Clean Stainless Steel appliances. (See how HERE.)
  • Shine your kitchen sink and see a cute video of Cougar at 5 weeks. (Easy way HERE.)
  • Create a Kids Art Station. (See ours HERE.)
  • Sew an easy checkered burlap table runner. (See my runner HERE.)
  • Make easy microfiber kitchen cloths. (Easy way HERE.)
  • Setup a dish cloth bucket. (See ours HERE.)

And of course, there are so many more things you could do! Make your kitchen happy!

Mary Organizes Home Tour - Kitchen (1)

What will be your project this week?

Be sure to stop by the link-up party to see what projects others are doing! The Love Home Challenge Project Link-up

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31 thoughts on “Kitchen Time!! {The Love Home Challenge: Week 1}

  1. I am going to move my control center from my kitchen counter to my desk that’s in the kitchen. I really want to keep paper out of my kitchen.

  2. I got ahead and redid my pantry, adding the can rack like you have. Got mine off Amazon and I just love it!

  3. Since this week’s organizing time is being devoted to change over of seasonal clothes,I picked to focus on my spices, and if I have time to clean the outside of my fridge. :-) this is my first challenge and I’m actually excited about cleaning!

  4. A) I heart you. B) I especially heart you this past month as I’ve been majorly decluttering and organizing my home and have frequently reread many of your blog posts for inspiration and motiation. C) I’m so in for this challenge. This week I will wipe down my cabinets and clean out any dust and crumbs and whatnot that has gathered in the drawers so my kitchen feels almost new again.

  5. I am going to start with my Recipe Binder and donating Cookbooks I no longer use. Then I will tackle my pantry goods / spices that are out of date. Lastly, a way to organize the plastic containers I use.

  6. Just found this site yesterday. I’m very motivated, since you seem to be proposing small projects, which I need to try otherwise I get super overwhelmed. My first online challenge I’m actually participating in! I spent a couple hours yesterday and today removing all items from my kitchen counters, cleaning, and deciding consciously what I really need on the counters. It’s still more than I want to be there (my hubby would prefer nothing but the Keurig, if it were up to him, but until he shares cooking duties, it’s my call!), but it looks a lot better than this past year since we moved in. Baby steps to getting my kitchen better organized and “pretty.” After this challenge, I will aim to create a command center, too, since I’m removing stuff I need from the counters like coupons, stamps, etc. (and I am really a visual person).
    Thanks so much for motivating me. I’ve been in this home almost a year and since going through a flooded finished basement two months after moving in (and we don’t live in a flood zone – we tried to get flood insurance and were told we don’t need it), I’ve been very discouraged. I want to love this house, but it was my husband’s pick and I just gave up on my dream house and said yes. Now I need to try to make this one a home and like it, if not love it.

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a big WHY to do this challenge. I’m glad you’re joining in! Be sure to join the Facebook group. (It can take me a few days to approve new people, so don’t worry if you tried and haven’t gotten in yet.)

      1. Thanks, Mary, but I’m one of the few people in the world not on Facebook. (I know, gasp!) In this instance I wish I were. I’m sure it’s a great place for motivation.I’m trying to get caught up on this week’s challenge since I started this a week and a half late! :-)
        Thanks, again!

  7. Ditto on the heart-ing you! This is just what I need right now. ;) Last week I beautified my kitchen windowsill and reorganized food storage. This week, finally putting curtains in my son’s room! Thanks for being awesome.

  8. Any ideas on an easy way to clean a fridge? I thought about a pressure washer, but it seems that would make another mess!

    1. I take out whatever I can and clean it in the sink with dish soap, and the rest I spray down with Basic H2. The best way to clean a fridge is to do it frequently so that it is always easy!

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