Living Space (The Love Home Challenge: Week 4)

Week 4 - Living Space -- of The Love Your Home Challenge

Welcome to another week of The Love Home Challenge. I am really enjoying this excuse to focus on ONE specific area of my home and find a way to improve it a little bit. If you are just joining us, read more about the challenge HERE and why we are embarking on this 13 week journey to reclaim our homes.

The Living Space I’m going to be addressing this week is my downstairs family room, we call The Living Room. I know people call their living spaces by lots of names, what do you call your living space?

I am going to make a silhouette plaque for my youngest, like I have for his three older sisters. (I showed that process in this post.) Since that will be a small project, I’m also going to clean through all the baskets in the entertainment center and get that space spruced up.

I recently showed you a huge project I did for my living room. My collage wall. I still love it! Of course, one of the frames broke in half and fell down. It was so weird, it was 5 am and I heard a crash. The front of the frame just fell off the back of the frame. Like the back of the frame was still attached to the wall … weird!! I’m glueing the fame back together this week too. That project will take 3 minutes, but I’ve been sitting on it for 3 weeks. Oops. This is my collage wall — 

My Favorite Wall - A colorful Collage

What will you work on this week? Here is some inspiration if you need some –

Be sure to stop by the link-up party to see what projects others are doing! The Love Home Challenge Project Link-up

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Until then …

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8 thoughts on “Living Space (The Love Home Challenge: Week 4)

  1. OK, I WILL get my blogs done of my Kitchen and Master Bedroom AND this current challenge up before the end of the week!!

    Loving the challenges!

  2. love the collage wall !!!!! That is weird how the frame fell in half. Pure luck kind of life. :) love you, mom xoxoxo

    1. It was super weird. I thought somebody was in the house or something when I woke up to a breaking sound. Nope … just the frame falling apart. And it was the day I was headed out of town and waking up early. So of course it fell of 10 minutes before my alarm would have woken me up. lol

  3. I am back! I almost left this world in February but our lord has decided that for whatever reason he has plans for me. I had a 20 percent chance of survival and although my recovery is slow I am wanting to start up with Mary again.

  4. In our family room space (finished basement) this challenged inspired me to finally decorate inside the display cases I bought and couldn’t fully use in my last home due to lack of space. My next goal is to put up pictures and memorabilia around the display cases after the rest of the challenge is over!

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