Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep001

Introducing a new weekly series!! I am going to start video blogging once a week. I want to share with you quick tips, products I love, memorable stories, thoughts, and my personal health journey. enjoy!!!

(Disclaimer: this video is a bit rough. Be patient with me as I get my bearings and learn how to not look like/sound like a crazy person when I’m talking at a camera.) 



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20 thoughts on “Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep001

  1. I love the idea ! And you in no way sound like a crazy person on video. You come across like a neighbor or friend who has come to my home for a chat. Don’t change a thing !

  2. Hi Mary, I love reading your blog regularly, and I’m looking forward to your videos! I’m struggling with some stuff too, health and personal, so I think you’re really brave to reach out to your readers as a support to talk about stuff that is difficult to talk about…but I have a feeling your bravery will help us more than you think! You sound great, so don’t worry about that – Just be yourself. I for one am looking forward to next week’s video! :) Take care of yourself…

  3. What fun! I’m excited for you to start this great new project. I’m inspired by your courage to share – I’m cheering you on! See you next week!

  4. LOVE your blog posts! In fact, you’ve inspired me to be more organized!!
    I recently “rationed” my 2 year old sons toyse because I was tired of his room being a mess all the time. I felt like I was constantly trying to pick up his toys instead of play with him

  5. . Now, we are on our second section of toys & we are both loving it! I enjoy seeing him love on his “new” toys. PLUS I only spend 3-5 minutes picking up after him now.

  6. Mary, love the idea! Thanks for sharing with us – we will all be your cheerleaders (and for each other too) as we follow along and go along on the journey – I can certainly use a guide on my path to living a healthier life – my kids eat great – I need to follow suit. :) You got this!

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