Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep002

Episode 2 is up! My goal is to do just one take, so that I never start to sound canned. The result is pretty imperfect, but at least I made myself laugh. :)

(Oh, and I filmed this after 10:00 on Thursday night, so I might look a touch tired … oh well!)



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10 thoughts on “Mary’s Kitchen Table Chat Ep002

  1. It WAS a great episode ! And I am so glad you are beginning to recognize and feel the fruits of your efforts toward fitness. I have been there and it does feel amazing to be functional in our lives.
    It is so strange that you mentioned an ionic foot cleanse. My daughter and I went to what was advertised as a holistic health fair on Mother’s Day. They were going to have reflexologists, ionic foot baths, chair massages and a few other things that just sounded absolutely wonderful. When we arrived the sign stated that it was a spiritual and holistic fair. Anyways, there were fortune tellers there and I didn’t see any of the things we came for. I am sure if I would have asked they would have set something up for us, but it just didn’t feel right. After hearing your experience with the foot cleanse I may have to find a more healthful place to have one for myself !
    I am enjoying your kitchen chats. Keep them up !

    1. That sounds like a pretty weird bait and switch! Yikes!! I think if you wanted to try the foot cleanse, I would talk to your chiropractor. I’ve heard different things about the effectiveness of the cleanse, but I like trying new things just for the fun of it. If you get it done, let me know what you think!!

  2. great video and good organizing tip. I don’t always clean out my fridge before grocery shopping. I do try to clean it out on Sunday because our garbage day is Monday

  3. I’m loving these Mary! Thank you for the tip… Seems so obvious now, but I never clean out my fridge before shopping!!

  4. You made me laugh, too. A whole dead person? *giggle* Your kitchen table chats are fun. I’m happy you’re having success with your health and fitness. Keep up the good work!

    I haven’t always been good about keeping my fridge tidy, but it’s so much better when I do. It’s so much nicer to put away groceries into a clean fridge with plenty of space.

    1. You know, I’ve heard that same thing! I still thought it was fun. I don’t know if I’d do it as a “cure” for anything, but it was totally a fun experiment. :)

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