My New Landscape is Done!!

When I showed you my less-than-delightful landscape over a month ago, I was sure I’d be able to show you the finished product a week later. Things went slower than expected.

After Franco and his team cleared out the old, yucky stuff, it sat unfinished for a long time because the stone I wanted to use wasn’t in stock. So we had to wait for that to come in. A big pile of dirt is a great look, right?

Landscape Reveal - our big pile of mud

Little guy was in love with the process. He wanted to be outside with the guys as much as possible. They were so sweet to let him “help”.

Landscape Reveal - little guy helps

Without further ado – My Landscape!! I think it was worth the wait!

Landscape Reveal - it is finally done

Landscape Reveal - the landscape bed

Landscape Reveal - I love this thing whatever it is called

Landscape Reveal - the skinny little landscape bed

Landscape Reveal - Now you can see the porch which makes me want to freshen up the porch decor next

Landscape Reveal - open view of the front door

Landscape Reveal - we all spend way more time sitting on the porch now

Landscape Reveal - this guy things I built him an expensive balance beam

My little helper was all over the place while I took these photos. I’m so happy to have a more beauty-friendly and family-friendly landscape!!

Thanks for the best Mother’s Day gift ever, Matt!!

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16 thoughts on “My New Landscape is Done!!

  1. It’s beautiful! I love the little stone wall! I love brick houses, but they don’t build them in So. CA. They tend to fall down in earthquakes :)

  2. Looks GREAT! And your little guy is too sweet! B is the exact same way, he was mulching with the landscapers last week ;)

    We are doing a huge project in the front of our home this year that involves building out a porch, ripping up hedge bushes that have been there for 50+ years, and planting a whole new look. It’s coming along – slowly – and I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  3. Looks Great Mary. We are adding a new bed as well, also my Mothers Day gift. I will post before and after pics when the product is done. Courtney, we had 50 year old shrubs taken out as well and tried to replant the area with grass but its a high traffic area, mainly my kids running and jumping of the porch!! so we talked with a landscaper and he suggested a bed which will add some more curb appeal and value to our house. Mary, your little boys Jammies are super Cute

    1. You know, I actually don’t know those details. My landscape guy showed me different types and I made a selection without knowing the names. It was all in the price for the entire landscape area, so not sure on that either. Sorry, I’m not much help today!

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